Microsoft notches record profits, thanks Vista

Don't act surprised: record profits are the expected benefits of selling 20 million copies of a much-delayed operating system, but you must say that increasing one's net income 65-percent year-over-year to a staggering $4.93 billion is worth congratulating.

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BIadestarX4254d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Ohh looky looky here... what have we here. It seems that all the b!tch!ng about Vista sucking in this site and from every anti-microsoft person or thing... didn't work as they would hope. At the end of the day what you(microsoft/windows hater) have to say means $h!t. Now tell me how does that make you feel? Wait! don't tell me... that also means $h!t.


Edit: Kyur4ThePain, you just proved my point. It does not matter what you think. It does matter if you think it sucks. What sucks about Vista? Come on give me smart answer? Aside from you know the usual... of anti-microsoft sucks... and linux is the best.. and mac rules... Tel me why? If you purchased Vista to install it on a old PC you had hanging around your house your are an idiot. For how long you people being flaming vista for the hardware requirements? You should only use Vista on a PC that was build to run vista. Now who's fault is it if you add vista to a PC that does not have the minimun requirements and with certified vista compliant hardware? I don't have vista, simply because I play close attention to the minimun requirements. Also, Kyur4ThePain you avatar show perfectly how anyone should take what you have to say about the topic.

Sphinx4254d ago

I didn't think anyone bought Vista... well, this proves me wrong! lol

Kyur4ThePain4253d ago

you seriously need to grow up.
Do you HONESTLY think that everyone that says Vista sucks (and by the looks of it, that's just about everyone not affiliated with MS) did so just because they were trying to influence Vista sales somehow?
That must be the dumbest thing to ever go through your mind (and that's saying a LOT).
People say Vista sucks because well, it does.
The fact that people get Vista when they go out and buy a new PC does not mean they have to like it. Yes, the sale counts, but if they had a choice, many of them would have declined (look at what Dell did).

Black Republican4253d ago

you are no doubt a Microsoft hater

1 - why does Vista suck???

2 - the only thing really wrong with Vista right now is it's weak driver support, and that will be resolved of course

3 - vista is far better looking then Win XP
4 - vista is more secure then Win XP
5 - Vista can do anything Win XP can do

once all the programs people use have updated drivers (which most do already) their will be only minor things wrong with the O.S. which Micrsoft will resolve via Windows Updates

hfaze4253d ago

How much of those sales were to OEM's for new PC's, and how much was retail sales of Vista? Also, how much will Dell's decision to continue to sell systems pre-installed with XP affect overall Vista sales?

Personally, after using Vista for a month or so now (running in a virtual machine, of course), I fail to see what the advantage to running Vista is other than DirectX 10. It consumes more resources for the OS itself, it's a pain in the a$$ with the privilege escalation prompts to change any settings, and the application compatibility issues can be a real hinderance (just try using any application that uses the Microsoft SQL Desktop Engine under Vista, like the Outlook Business Contact Manager)

Eventually, consumers will have no choice but to go with Vista, and hopefully all of the kinks are worked out by then. But for a product that has been in development for five years, it is definitely not very impressive. After Dell receiving overwhelming customer requests for XP, I think that says it all...

Black Republican4253d ago

"Vista sucks because well, it does"

Kyur4ThePain sucks because well, you do

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DJ4253d ago

Whoever wrote this obviously forgot that Microsoft was caught inflating sales figures for Vista. Microsoft claims that over 20 million Vista copies were sold since it's release, but only 8 million PCs have been purchased within that same time frame. On top of that, XP is still the OS of choice by consumers, as evidenced by Dell's decision to reinstate XP into new PCs.

In truth, Microsoft has sold 20 million Vista Licenses; the number of computers with Vista is actually significantly smaller. They've been caught doing this before, specifically with Xbox 360 sales figures. Instead of stating how many were purchased by consumers (8.5 million worldwide) they stated how many they had sold to retailers (10.4 million). To this day they still haven't lived up to their promise of selling "10 million units".

kewlkat0074253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

then again I wonder if that's chump change...

Funky Town_TX4253d ago

It does not matter. Fact = profit is up. Lets not try to forcast. Give it up DJ. I bet Sony wish they had a $5 billion profit. Hell, I wish I had a $50,000 profit. People don't like change. I welcome change, and I like vista. I can't wait to purchase a new computer with vista on it. Every time M$ launches a new OS ppl start complaining.

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NextGen24Gamer4253d ago

And 12 million copies of Vista purchased for people uprgrading from xp to vista. DJ, your hate is evdent as it alters your sense of reality in a major way. Its official...and it amazing...20 million copies of Vista are sold and running in people homes and businesses all in "ONE" quarter. That is incredible no if ands buts about it.

P.S. I love my windows vista....By the end of 2007 I wonder how many millions of homes/businesses will have vista on their computers? WOW

ER1X4253d ago

Pot. Kettle. Kettle. Pot.

C44253d ago

It is more stable and faster than XP. Programs load faster and games run faster. It is cheap as hell as well. Screw Ubuntu and OSX, they are for retards. Hey Kyur4ThePain is the pain from realizing your pale basement dwelling linux using a$$ that another 4 people converted to tlinux this year, a WHOLE 4?

Kyur4ThePain4253d ago

XP on my desktop, Linux on my PS3 and a Mac laptop.
You see, I'm not threatened by the "others" like you are.

Oh, and those 4 people you mentioned...what were they using before they switched?

Black Republican4253d ago

STOP being a hater
no matter what way you try to look at it
no matter how you try to spin it
no matter how hard you try

Microsoft has increased net income 65-percent year-over-year to a staggering $4.93 billion is worth congratulating

I don't really need to say anything more

and at first I do have to admit I did not like Vista, but after a while I ended up liking it.
I think most ppl do not like iot because of driver support, but in time that will not be an issue.

RelloC4253d ago

and Jordan is a God. I even named my daughter after the man.

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