Video: Creative Zii EGG 3D gaming demo


"With OpenGL ES support, 256MB's of RAM, and a built-in accelerometer, the Zii EGG makes for a pretty capable gaming device. Below you can see a short demo of the EGG playing a 3D racing game."

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Raoh3304d ago


so it has the gaming side of the iphone/itouch only with no phone and no music.. and has a name similar to the wii for promotion?

oh yeah., this will go far

Salvadore3304d ago

Agree, isn't really that difficult to slap a directional pad and few buttons.

Kakkoii3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Lol that Logo at the end is SUCH a rip off of Wii.

This thing just looks like a less powerful and software capable Nvidia Tegra device. So meh.. I'll wait for some mainstream Nvidia Tegra touchscreen handhelds.