What Are The Top Games, According to the XBL Community?


Invites went out late last night to some of those who signed up for the Xbox Live Update Preview Program. One of the new features of the new dashboard, which is set for general public launch on August 11th, is the ability for Xbox Live users to rate content on Xbox Live Marketplace. In the brief time that the preview program has been available, ratings have been cast for Arcade games, downloadable content add-on packs, Indie Games and the Games on Demand channel.

We thought it'd be interesting to take a look at what our fellow preview program members thought were the best in each of the aforementioned categories. There top five choices:

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Chubear3277d ago

This is something I've been trying to get Sony to have a look at for years and I'm glad a console manufacture has implemented this for it's base.

Here hoping they extend this to disc based games too and have more elements to this feature like only being able to rate a game or content if your machine registrars that you've got the content and played it to a degree.

This a good step in the direction to give more power to the base of these consoles instead of total power in the hands of editorial review gaming sites.

dannyhinote_133277d ago

Totally agreed on disc based games...really hope that comes in subsequent updates.

green3277d ago

Our own personal metacritic.

thewesker3277d ago

Endsights needs a new coat of paint. HUGE eyesore. Oh... I see it's that Art Green guy again... really?? I MEAN REALLY?? this guy really neeeds a speel check.