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TheColbertinator3342d ago

Shirley is a good singer but Garbage doesn't have the same appeal they had back in the 90s

Lfmesquite3342d ago

She said something like "At the moment it's hard for rock music to be in the mainstream" and it's true.

It's a hiphop world full of Lil Wayne and TI.

The only new rock band I know of is Paramore and that's because the singer is a girl and she's cool and hot and everything.

TheColbertinator3342d ago

Oh yeah Hayley Williams certainly has the sexual appeal helping out the band to keep going up

davidadrake3342d ago

Too many GH games; too close together. The really need to space them out a little more.

bunbun7773342d ago

I saw her in Portland back in.....97? 96 maybe. She was quite the hottie, all sweaty and doing the business on her microphone stand. Never seen someone sing and funk like that-- its like she was doing the crowd almost-- I was right up front I think she sweated on me...

good times.

Yuprules3341d ago

Awesome story bunbun777, well she's in a the game now so maybe Activision should come up with a "sweat thrower" gadget.