Popcap Makes Fun of Evony Ads

The newest Plants vs. Zombies ad takes a jab at the ever ridiculous Evony ads, and does a damn fine job doing it.

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Nitrowolf23191d ago

lol, are they going to reveal more everday to?

InfectedDK3191d ago

Lol I think it's funny xD

Raz3191d ago

Any kind of anti-commercial satire is A-OK in my book.

JsonHenry3191d ago

Everyone should play Plants vs. Zombies. The game is hella fun!!

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monkey6023191d ago

I actually like articles like this on N4G, pointing out quirky little things i never would have noticed otherwise. Thats why i come to this site

peeps3191d ago

haha the ads did always make me laugh. so cheesy

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The story is too old to be commented.