Full Mega Man timeline released

Gamer Limit writes: "I certainly didn't see this one coming. After a bit of inspiration from Limit Break's Mario Family Tree, community member megaStryke took it upon himself to make a glorious Mega Man version. MegaStryke sprung to action after Reviews Editor Jim Sterling said, in jest, 'I'd be really interested to see this guy do a chart for Mega Man as well… but that's probably a project that could take a lifetime to complete.'"

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Yuenanimous3307d ago

Damn... looks like whoever did this put in a lot of work! Mad respect points.

SilverDragon19793307d ago

Leave it to a Destructoid member to do something this epic. Dtoid ROCKS!

JQ3307d ago

Megaman Legends was the reason I bought a PS1 over Dreamcast.

SkankinGarbage3307d ago

You know, I got Megaman Legends and Tron Bonne as gifts when I graduated high school, and I still haven't played through them. I really oughtta do that...

InfectedDK3307d ago

Whoa..! That's a lot of versions..

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The story is too old to be commented.