Expected Europe PlayStation Store Update For 30th July 2009

Mike Kebby from the EU PS Blog writes:

"So the experiment begins. This content list is what we expect to be releasing tomorrow onto the store, and the below content should be all present and correct when we publish the update.

However – and here is my disclaimer – if for whatever reason some of the content is pulled at the last minute, I will update this blog posting, and will also post in the comments section to let you know what's happened and why.

This is as much 'early warning' as I can currently give for what content we'll be bringing to the store, I know it's only one day, but I believe that this extra day will not only show you what's coming, but will help to manage expectations. I've read some sceptics on the forums saying that I'll only do this when there is good content coming, so let me clarify for you and say 'not true'. I will post every week on a Wednesday regardless of what content is releasing."


Mike Kebby confirmed the store update is up, and the list has NO changes!

"Hey all, just to confirm the store has now published, and NO changes to the list posted yesterday Hooray."

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