Editorial: Bright Dawn for the Gaming Cowboy

TheGameReviews writes: "While I would personally rather see developers stick to traditional western tropes, I certainly wouldn't be against more attempts to use westerns as a base for more fantastical settings. Just imagine lining up in the center of town to fight some bank robbers when a gigantic, steam-powered mech drops down from the sky and forces all parties involved to team up and blow it away with their carriage-mounted railgun. We would owe it to the anime fan in all of us to buy that game on the spot. Oddly enough, a game with over-the-top fantasy elements in a western setting would most likely spur the genre along more than a good game in a more traditional setting would. World War II games weren't exactly the norm before Wolfenstein, and now it seems there's one being released every couple of hours. The western even has a little bit more room to maneuver within itself than the World War II genre, as there is slightly less to go on historically. When it comes to WWII games, developers are hamstrung by well-documented facts; they are forced to keep the game to the same battles, the same locales, and essentially the same story. Contrastingly, developers can really do whatever they want with a western, as its story will be focused more on its individuals and their issues. Creativity-wise, the western genre is as untapped as the actual West was all those years ago."

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Ziriux3224d ago

No it wouldn't, WoW is it's own crazy thing and it works.

mr durand pierre3224d ago

I'm a fan of bringing Westerns back if only for their great facial hair and hats.

Wastrel53224d ago

Don't forget the 'God-damn' and 'Son of a biatch' lines that come with westerns as well - just as essential as facial hair and top hats.

Cenobia3224d ago

...and now I want character customization in the next Western game.

My guy would be a fat, human Mr. Peanut with a vest that doesn't quite fit, under a trench coat. A sawed off shotgun and a revolver in his belt and a rifle strapped to his back.


Haly3224d ago

I'd love to see more Western based games. About time there were more games set in different eras! Some things are so cliched now like all the WW2 games etc.

Wastrel53224d ago

Love to see a western from the perspective of the
Native Americans - a real retribution-filled storyline with some mystical spirit-walking and an ultimately sad and desperate climax.

Or just make Wild Wild West the videogame. Both'll work for me.

iTZKooPA3224d ago

So long as it comes with a giant mechanical spider that reigns down fire upon all the 'yella' cowboys.

gidzilla3224d ago

Call of Juarez handled the whole western thing really well.

I'd like to see some other tackle the exploration of American wilderness a bit more. Call of Jarez dabbles in the idea.

Check out my article on it at my blog site

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