Rumor: Gran Turismo 5 Gets Holiday 09 Release Date

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"Gran Turismo 5 creator Kazunori Yamauchi stated last month that Polyphony Digital could potentially release the game at "any time". This came as a surprise to many considering the game wasn't present in playable form at E3, but rather in a gameplay trailer. However, if Amazon is correct then Yamauchi definitely wasn't kidding."

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ps3gamerkyle3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Wow! It does seem possible, seeing how the 29th is on a Tuesday (which is the day most videogames get released) and Gran Turismo 5 has been in development a LONG time.

GWAVE3342d ago

Glad to see SOMEone sticking to their '09 release schedule for a change (I'm looking at you, Alan Wake and SC:Conviction).

Sev3342d ago

Is Forza releasing this holiday season? That might be the reason Sony is putting out GT5 to compete, I mean stomp all over it.

JonnyBigBoss3342d ago

It won't even be a battle. The amount of blood sweat and tears put into the Gran Turismo series and more specifically, Gran Turismo 5, completely overcasts any of the Forza games. Really, it's just a bigger, richer and more detailed game. That doesn't mean Forza 3 is bad, it just means it isn't Gran Turismo 5.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3342d ago

Gotta love being a ps3 owner
Gotta hate having a hole in your wallet

RememberThe3573342d ago

Sony said they would like to see the game released during 2009, but that is far from a release date.

I highly doubt this, because this is after the Christmas and misses out on the possibility of those moms and dads picking up juniors most wanted game. But you never know, and either way I'll be picking it up whenever it drops.

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ChozenWoan3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

thats what it would be if they released both GT:PSP and GT5 this fall!

But Dec 29th?
Dec 15th at the latest or even better Dec 1st, the Tueday after Black Friday... now that would be GRAND!

THE BIAS3342d ago

If gran turismo 5 releases anywhere near forza 3, then turn 10 must be crapping their definitive pants

Montrealien3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

This is great news if it is true!

Forza 3 and GT5 withing a few months? wow! Its great to not be limited to one console and love console racers! I am getting both! I win! Brand wh*res lose.

And why would Turn 10 be crapping their pants? They have their audience as does Polyphony. oh, nm, I forgot, here in the make belief world of the internet,consoles and devsare big robots fighting in the sky right? Thank god people who care about that crap are a very small percentage of the gaming market, tiny even.

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OnlyOnN4G3342d ago

I hope this is true, I want the game as soon as possible

TK4213342d ago

I don't think so. No one releases a title that big after the Christmas holiday. I guess we're all waiting for TGS for a release date. If it's in 09 it will be sometime in November.

snaz273342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

37.96 for preorder, and their release date is 4th december, which sounds more realistic, but then i would think all these places are guessing. either way i dont care when it comes out, ill be getting it soon as it does. one things for sure it wont be TOO long now.

Applegate3342d ago

Glad to see SOMEone sticking to their '09 release schedule for a change: Im looking at you Heavy Rain, GOW3, White Knight Chronicles, MAG, WarDevil

@GWAVE: And if you say "they aren't delayed" since they never had a release date well same could be said for Alan Wake for instance.

RememberThe3573342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Don't get your hopes up. You guys always do this sh*t. Someone posts a releases date estimation then when it turns out to be false to guy b*tch and moan about how the game got delayed, when it never had a release date in the first place.

@Applegate: Ubisoft said it themselves that Splinter Cell and Red Steal 2 were pushed back, aka delayed.
We still have no word on MAG or WarDevil(if it even exists).

Blaze9293342d ago

you got to be kidding me -_-. Yeah, becuase Amazon knows all.

RadientFlux3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Doubtful that GT5 will be released that late in December.

With a rare exception a late December release date means that the game is either going to be bad (which is doubtful) or about to be pushed back even further into next year.

Most likely it's Amazon hoping to get a few more GT pre-orders by placing the game's release date in 2009.

MTEC83342d ago

but the release date can't be correct, come on 12/29....why would you release something as big as GT5 after Christmas.

StanLee3342d ago

Perfect release date. With millions receiving gift cards for Christmas, guess what they'll be using them to get?! :D

Jaces3342d ago

No game stands a chance this holiday if GT5 comes out.

You have to admit it's a beast.

skip2mylou3342d ago

ur so stupid dude god of war 3, white knight chronicles, mag, and war devil never even have release dates the release dates for those games in U.S, Europe and Asia have been rumors. except that Japan already has WKC so u should just keep ur ugly face shut.

and yes Heavy Rain is the only game that set back from what i have been able tto remember

na2ru13342d ago

sounded like thunder over here.

LazyDevs3342d ago

I agree with your comment finally for once. I mean yeah just think if Turn 10 had 4-5 years to develop Forza 3. If you have 4-5 years to make a game it better crush all competition. Most company's put out 2 quality games in that time. But i think i would rather see GT released sooner without the Nascar side and such, just me i am not a big fan of Nascar games.

CrazzyMan3342d ago

So, i doubt we will see GT5 this year,
spring 2010 is more Realistic.

Rock Bottom3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I'm a GT fanboy, I haven't "seriously" played any none GT racing game since Need For Speed 3. I completed GT3 100%, and my GT4 profile was at 95% when the DVD broke. Yet I will still get disagrees and be called a hater after this:

I just can't believe it, if Polyphony had any plans to release GT5 this year, they would have shown more about it in E3. And yes he said they can release it anytime... Wait! Actually they already did!!! Isn't GT5P part of GT5? wasn't it big enough to be released as a full game?

Point is, GT is a huge game, for example, if they were aiming for 500 car and they have 300 ready right now, they can probably release the game like this, but if they want to stick to the original plan, that means the game still need lots of time under development.

Then there's GT portable, which is will be out just before the Holiday season, and I don't think Sony would want to have two GT games battling against each others.

As much as I would love to play GT5 in 09, I just don't see it happening. Heh, at least, we have GTp this year.

El_Oso3342d ago

December 29 is my b-day...

ultimolu3342d ago

That would be the best Christmas gift ever. O_o

whoelse3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Oh come on we all know Amazon's track record for release dates. They just put anything down till they get an official announced release date.

fuckoffodion3341d ago

Yea, I thought so. I'm the only one who thinks so.

Greywulf3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

400 cars = MOST CARS in a console sim
Tracks = MOST TRACKS in a console sim
No Weather
No Lighting Change
No Rally
No Nascar
8 Cars on screen -zomg
2 discs
and god knows what else GT5 has stuffed inside the game. Its going to be funny to see direct-feed in-game caps of co2ckpit modes vs the bullshots from the already reported higher quality replay mode of f3 as well. I mean GT5p is already better, but sadly GT5 is going to look better than GT5p.

"well, we meant at e3.., at the time..."

anyone else remember teh forza2 "screenshots" and the real ones from the game? lol.

JL3341d ago

Seriously? The source is a listing on Amazon? Yea, I'll pass til PD tells me something.

Other than that, I do kind of expect it to hit this holiday season. Just makes too much sense. It's either tha tor hold it off til like summer next year. 'Cause you don't want to have any of your other exclusive games having to 'compete' with GT5. December sounds like a good time to me. However, NOT the 29th. It would make much more sense to release BEFORE the holidays, not after.

And I understand, people getting all riled up because Turn 10 has talked so much sh*t lately, but why in the world do some of you people think they give a crap really when GT5 is released? Two totally different customer bases. Though I guess to a slight degree, they could be worried bout eating some humble pie. But I wouldn't say they're scared or anything, cause they still have a good game, and GT5 isn't going to effect their sales.

shawnsl653341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I'm still saving up money to buy a racing simulator chair with force feedback for GT5. The longer it takes to come out, the longer i get to save money to put into this. GT5 will cost around 100 dollar for most GT fan. I'm going all out with the $5k set up. VROOOOM~ VROOOOM~~~~~

Disclaimer: No I am not rich, just a hard worker. I have a cheap 10 year old car which gets 24mpg. I'm building this to live off my fantasy of owning cars I know I'll never get to drive in real life. This is the only way to do it. Not to mention not needing to change the oil every 3~7k miles.

jrsenkbe3341d ago

I think this is possible. SONY moved Uncharted to October instead of releasing it in November like they planned. They also moved MAG to 2010. They are making room for GT5. I can see this coming in December and Ratchet and Clank in November.

Arthur_3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Its not "on" with forza quite yet, but its rumored to be.
i'll believe it, when I see it. plain & simple.

Amazon has been wrong a billion times before. Besides, this is "supposed" to be released AFTER xmas, wouldnt it make more sense to make the game available BEFORE that time, so you could, oh i dont know, GIVE IT AS A GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAY? lol.

once again: I want rock solid proof.

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Xwow20083342d ago

they want 2 show GT5 in a special event :) 2 surprise all of us.

Sev3342d ago

Well, they could announce the release at TGS.

ps3gamerkyle3342d ago

And probably most likely the scenario. A TGS full unveiling with confirmed release date and everything.

MazzingerZ3342d ago

Not TGS but Europe is the right scenario for such announcement

raztad3342d ago

I'm suspecting sev knows something we dont, because this rumour is way to weak even to bother about it, let alone to get hopes high.

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They'll show and release a firm date for it at their 3 hour Games convention conference, that the best bet for a release, if not then then definitly TGS. I need this game so bad, I have GT withdrawal syndrome :(


YES lol, i've been through it about 20 times, finished every race on every difficulty and I need more now. To fully appreciate GT you need either the Logitech G26,G25 or Driving force Gt which is specifically made with Gran Turismo in mind, its only £60

nycredude3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I bought the G25 last year in hopes of using it for Gt5 but had to settle for GT5 prologue, however it doesn't support the clutch.

Does anyone know if Gt5 the full game will support the clutch on the G25?

Edit: If so I will cream my freaking pants!


i think it will, you just have to remember to set it to simulation in the menu

nycredude3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I hope so cause Gt5 is the ONLY reason I bought the G25. I was so disappointed when Prologue didn't support it.

Clutches FTMFW!

torontoml3342d ago

It does support the clutch, you have to push triangle at the start of the race.

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JonnyBigBoss3342d ago

Automotive and racing fans everywhere, meet the most epic gaming experience of the decade.

Montrealien3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

How is it? I have been wanting to play it for a while, I have purchased every GT since the first one, I absolutly love this franchise. When did you get a chance to play it? And what does it improve over all the other great Gran Turismo games?

With that said. Getting this and Forza during the same Holiday season? Now that would truly be epic! What are looking to be like two great console racers coming out within a few months would easily be a console racer fan`s wet dream. Choice is good.

snaz273342d ago

to be honest i cant stand people like you lol, who cares if you have both systems? im more than happy with the ps3, yes choice is good so i choose not to buy a system that is KNOWN to fail often! i choose NOT to buy shoddy hardware simple as that! if you want both good on ya but you shouldnt go round bragging, cos it makes you look daft... if i wanted both i could go out and get a 360 tomorrow! i just dont want to... also as for GT5 it gonna rock i dont need to have played it to know that, what we already know and the demo gt5 prologue tells me that.

Montrealien3342d ago

really now? want a cookie?

The world is not black and white you know, it has many shades of grey. Now go play the games you like, on the console you have, but don`t judge people that don`t think like you, try to respect their choices a little, like I respect yours.

game on.

snaz273342d ago

the thing is certain things are in black and white, and one of those is the 360 is highly likely to break! why would i want one? i cant understand why anyone would to be honest lol, if a tv had that failure rate would you buy one? if a fridge did? any other electronic equiptment? well then! thing is this is a thread about GT5! noone cares if you are buying both games sorry but they dont, so we dont need you to tell us in every message ok? hopefully your 360 is still working for you when forza comes out.

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Lifewish3342d ago

I really want to play this game and a 2009 release will be very nice.

ps3gamerkyle3342d ago

It would be awesome.

However, I do love Polyphony's attention to detail.. That takes time....And a lot of delays.