GAME refuses to stock Oblivion for PS3

Leading High Street retailer GAME is refusing to stock copies of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the PlayStation 3.
The title, developed by Bethesda.

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God of Gaming4253d ago

How strange... do they have a riff with the publisher?

ITR4253d ago

Something must be going on.

Why just this PS3 title?

ps3FTW4253d ago

Maybe they hate sony? well i don't know

PS360WII4253d ago

seems shady... not sure why they wouldn't want to sell a proven 'best seller' for another console unless like 1 & 2 said they may have a beef with someone..

predator4253d ago

strange, could be sumit to do with its a year old and on another console, if that was the case then thats F UP, would be interesting to find out the reason