GamesAreEvil's Review: The Munchables

GrE writes, "Welcome to Planet Star Ving. You're a cute and spastic munchable and you're hungry! You might even say starving. Odd veggie pirates have come to your planet and taken all your orbs, your favorite food. So whats' a starving munchable to do? Eat 'em! Eat the pirate scum, filling your belly and saving your planet from its invaders..."

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wondroushippo3156d ago

This game looks like it is made for babies.

supercharger51503156d ago

what's wrong with that? It's more suitable for kids, yes but that's not a bad thing. How many of us were kid gamers before becoming adult gamers.

roblef3156d ago

i *like* baby games, ok!? You're so MEAN! MEANIE!

CrAppleton3156d ago

Seriously.. it's ok to be suitable for kids and have adults like it too.. look at Let's Tap.. that game was great

DaRockSays3156d ago

This is the game that you play when you're stoned

bgrundman3156d ago

Is that what it takes to make this game palletable?

CrAppleton3156d ago

Haha.. I think he's referring to the munchies.. I could be wrong though

supercharger51503156d ago

No, just takes someone who doesn't always have to be shooting things in a game. :/

bgrundman3156d ago

There is not a chance I would be caught dead playing this game.

roblef3156d ago


Smacktard3155d ago

I wouldn't want people to see me playing it, but that wouldn't stop me from playing it!

darkroomdemons3155d ago

A nice segue from Viva Pinata for the wife perhaps? Oh wait...its on the Wii.

MaCkTeHkNiFe3155d ago

To balance out the fact that i actually own a Wii, I stock it with games like Brawl, The Conduit,RE4, and HOTD Overkill.