5 Baffling Video Game Marketing Schemes

Sometimes video game promotions veer into weird, crazy or just plain baffling territory. Here are 5 such examples. writes: "Being a consumer isn't easy anymore. It's noisy out there. It's like for every useful piece of technology that takes our troubles away (like the Slap Chop), there's a whole media storm of crap being thrown in our face, designed to steal our hard earned dollars with failed promises (Extenze!). Luckily, video game companies know how dumb we are. They have very flashy marketing campaigns to help get our attention, and we thank them for it.

However, in the process, sometimes they come up with weird, misleading, awesome, inappropriate or just all together baffling promos. Here are 5 of the most recent standouts."

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keanerie3305d ago

sounds like the name of a metal band! \||/

IdleLeeSiuLung3305d ago

That is some funny stuff! I would like to attend the God of War II event!