The Voice of IMEvil: An Interview with Mr. David Sobolov

The Portable Gamer writes, "I got a chance to sit down over the phone with David Sobolov, the evil voice inside IMEvil as well as the voice of the Arbiter from Halo Wars, St. Vasquez from Call of Duty 4, and a sh*t-ton of other games and animated shows and movies. Listen in as we talk about how he got started in the industry, his favorite things about being "the voice of evil," and the App itself, IMEvil, which lists Mr. Sobolov as a producer."

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CrAppleton3276d ago

This guy is down right amazing! I can't believe everything he's done already!

Neco5123276d ago

No kidding, he's got himself quite the resume

bgrundman3276d ago

that is what happens when you don't act.

CrAppleton3276d ago

I'm sure we'll be hearing much more of this guy in the future

bgrundman3276d ago

Hopefully he can replace the arbiter in the next halo game because he did an awesome job in Halo wars

Neco5123276d ago

Hell yeah! He did an amazing job!

wondroushippo3276d ago

@bgrundman: Even better than Keith David did in Halo 2 and 3? Wow.

bgrundman3276d ago

Is this App even really a game?

Haly3276d ago

Not really, but you can make it a game by creeping up behind someone and playing one of the lines ;)

roblef3276d ago

It's more of an "entertainment toy."

thegamereviews3276d ago

He is starring in Brutal Legend, AION, Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3 and a tons of other games this year. Also there are a bunch of contests happening this coming month where you can win him voicing your own evil lines to be included in a update of iMEvil for iPhone.

darkroomdemons3276d ago

I wonder if he sounds like Keith David when he delivers the line from Requiem for a Dream "Ass to Ass"