MotorStorm Game Launching Crashes Into PlayStation Home, Fat Princess Ambles Slowly Behind

Elliot Linger from the EU PS Blog writes:

"Hi there guys – time for a PlayStation Home update…!

We have the first wave of MotorStorm content swerving into PS Home this Thursday with MotorStorm Pacific Rift Game Launching functionality topping the bill. If you don't know what Game Launching is, click here for more info on how this great functionality works.

There will be more MotorStorm / PS Home news very soon, however in the mean time, have a look at the screenshots below for a tantalising snippet of some of the great MotorStorm content coming to PS Home over the coming weeks…"

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InfectedDK3218d ago

About time with all the game launching thing, don't ya think?
But nice video - Home is sweet.

Mo0eY3218d ago

Game launching has been available for quite some time. I know RE5 has it, and Namco's classic arcade game thing has it. I'm not so sure about anything else though.

InfectedDK3218d ago

Warhawk has it too.. But what I mean is that it should be a lot of games you could do it with like Killzone, Call of Duty, Fifa, Burnout, Bomberman, Worms etc..

The Hunter3218d ago

Yeah finally, the only game i can launching from the European Home is Warhawk.. that's really sad if you ask me!

Milky3218d ago

woohooo virtual cake! Dissapointed you can't game launch though. Motorstorm area will be cool, at least you can launch a game from there.

willie323218d ago

It is about time developers are starting to support this feature. This is what Playstation Home should launching!

LiquifiedArt3218d ago

Until a serious direction change happens in home, it will remain a teenagers myspace (hooking up with gamer girls) and won't apply to the hardcore gamer in the least.

Very dissapointing. I want to love it, but I cant.

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