EVE Online Introduces the Butterfly Effect writes: "CCP has released a new video today showing off cause and effect in their space-based MMORPG, EVE Online. With a single-game world home to more than 300,000 active accounts the game gets pretty intense and detailed quickly leading to CCP's reorganization of the newbie..."

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Pandamobile3276d ago

Screw WoW. EVE is where it's at.

Major_Tom3275d ago

Lol This News was on Reddit a whole 10 hours ago before hitting N4G.

Hockey113276d ago

I tried the trial a ways back and I really enjoyed it. I joined a company and met some great people. Just don't have the time for MMO's or the money but if I had the time and money I would play EVE.

JelalTrueshot3276d ago

Especially as if you wish to fully enjoy EVE, you need to consider it like a part time job - being in a corp and all. People greatly underestimate the game's time reqs. Not that its a bad thing - it is probably the most detailed MMO around.

VMAN_013275d ago

I agree this game is so in depth I played the trial and loved it. I am definteley getting this and Old Republic as my first 2 MMOS ever after I finish my final year of school!

JonnyBigBoss3275d ago

EVE is a deep game, that's for sure, but I got bored after 2 months because of the combat.

Guitardr853275d ago

Yeah I definitely need to get a subscription to this!!!