NCAA Football 10 - ZTGD Review

ZeroTolerance writes: Each year as the days begin to get warmer, I sit around and anticipate the arrival of my favorite sport. It has become tradition for me that when EA releases NCAA Football upon the world, I can officially start to get excited. College football has always taken a backseat to the powerhouse that is Madden, but each year the game tends to improve exponentially and continue to deliver the definitive college experience. This is made all the more impressive considering the developers really don't even need to try seeing as they have no competition, but each year the game continues to capitalize on what makes it so good. NCAA Football 10 is no exception. The new modes are fantastic, the upgraded presentation is incredible and the online dynasty and team builder functionalities are enough to keep you playing this game all the way up until next year's game arrives.

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PS360WII3278d ago

"and feeling the controller rumble right before your QB gets sacked, lets you focus a lot more on your passing game" that does niffty.

Sounds like you certainly were impressed :) nice that they fill up the game with a bunch of modes but all I would do it play the matches lol I always hated recruiting and franchises and all that other jazz. Just give me vs and it should be alright.

ZeroTolerance3278d ago

I am the same way, and you can totally play that way letting the computer do all your behind the scenes stuff automatically. That is the beauty is you can play it any way you want including difficulty. The sliders are excellent.

PS360WII3278d ago

Nice yeah sim it thru till the gameplay comes around ;) Do you still have the option to port your player over to Madden after 4 years?

ZeroTolerance3278d ago

Yeah, I am hoping I can carry my created team players over, since the podcast crew is all in there LOL.

PS360WII3278d ago

haha nice. I suppose like you said it was easy to create a team when it's thru a browser :) yeah it would be nice if you can transfer them all.

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TheColbertinator3278d ago

I played the demo and I thought it was the same old stuff from 5 years ago.We need the 2K series to come back and show how football games should be made

PS360WII3278d ago

well there was the All-Pro Football 2k8 but...