Analyst: StarCraft II Could Sell 4 Million

Activision Blizzard shares have slumped 14 percent in the last month, MarketWatch reports, as investors seemingly fret over the possibility that Blizzard's PC real-time strategy game StarCraft II may not make the 2009 calendar year.

But with Activision-owned Infinity Ward on track to launch the first-person shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to masses of frothing gamers, investors might have little to worry about.

Blizzard has gone on record to say that it hopes to release StarCraft II, the sequel to the 1998 original, sometime by the end of 2009. But the studio, known for World of Warcraft and its virtually peerless roster of successful games, still clung to the policy of "it's done when it's done."

Pachter said that when the game does ship, he expects it to sell 4 million units in its opening quarter. At $40 wholesale ($50 retail), that would equate to $160 million in revenues for Activision Blizzard. Operating profit could hit $80 million, he said, or 4 cents per share.

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Godmars2903345d ago

And it will be copied 18 million times off BT.

RememberThe3573345d ago

I hate no problem with that. But I want to see Blizzard games succeed.

Damn it! Why did Vivendi Games have to merge with Activition?!

tdrules3345d ago

Correct me if im wrong but Starcraft is mainly bought for the online?
the one that you wont be able to play without a cd key in the new one.

IdleLeeSiuLung3345d ago

Not necessarily only for online, but that is where it gets its long leg from.

Piracy will be rampant on this game like any other PC games. However, if there is one developer that deserves a purchase it is blizzard. They have never put out an average game in my opinion let alone a bad one and they have treated their customers extremely fair!

Release it when it is ready, and I will buy it. I hope their some discounts for people buying all three races though!!!

Cartesian3D3345d ago

it will sell 6-7 million in korea ALONE !!..

the only problem is pirates..

I live in IRAN , in my 200-300 people around me(university-work-family-frie nds....etc) everyone of them who played ONE game in his/her life WANTS to play starcraft II , and they always ask me the release date (they know Im a hardcore gamer :P)

this game is BIGGER than they thought..

RememberThe3573345d ago

The key being "opening quarter". Depending on how they release the game this could mean U.S. sales alone or a even months worth of sales or any combination of factors that were not discussed.

Kamikaze1353345d ago

I can't for this game to come out =D

TheColbertinator3345d ago

SC2 is gonna rock the PC gaming world.No doubt about it

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The story is too old to be commented.