Permanent Death in Far Cry 2

Popmatters writes:

"Ben Abraham over at SLRC started an experiment with Far Cry 2 that has since been picked up and repeated by other bloggers. The experiment: Play Far Cry 2 on normal difficulty and stop when you die. You only have one life. Death is permanent.

Ben's posts, and those by others who have taken up the experiment, read like a normal game of Far Cry 2. The introduction and the tutorial always play out the same, and while everyone's first mission is different, what happens to them isn't all that different than what happened to me when I played the game: They get in a shootout and kill a lot of people. That's essentially every mission in Far Cry 2. So what makes this experiment so interesting?"

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Pandamobile3306d ago

Far Cry 2 is a pretty cool game for a while.

I stopped played because I died of malaria...

OtherWhiteMeat3306d ago

The only thing worse then malaria in Farcry 2 is being a vampire in Oblivion.Both sucked.

Rifle-Man3306d ago

Y'know what's even worse than being a vampire in Oblivion? Being a vampire in Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition for PS3 and spending a whole evening asking around about how to cure vampirism, gathering the necessary ingredients, finding the house of the woman who can make a cure, running into a bug that doesn't let you give an ingredient to the woman, researching how to fix the bug on the internet, driving to Blockbuster to rent the regular edition of Oblivion, loading up the GOTY save in the regular edition, get cured, take the game back to Blockbuster, load up the GOTY edition again and enjoy the sunlight.

Nitrowolf23306d ago

that is unless of course u somehow become vampire again

Poopface the 2nd3306d ago

if thats the case, it would be like a lot of older games where you have limited lives or continues. Like the games that didnt have saves.

This idea was a huge part of games back in the day, so its interesting to see it applied to modern games.

however, it isnt an original idea at all. Probably the best example of this is the "hardcore" characters in Diablo 2. Once you die you loose your character and any loot you got. I never made a hardcore char, but im sure people were really upset when they died and lost their characters.

zagibu3305d ago

Yeah, Hardcore Diablo had (and still has) quite the following. They even introduced new rules on top of the "hardcore" game mode to make it even harder, called Iron Man. IIRC, you weren't allowed to trade in this "mode", nor talk to anyone in town except when it was required to advance in a quest.

Also, Diablo Hardcore PVP was pretty intense. Two enter, one leaves.

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skip2mylou3306d ago

i died because i drowned how the fuk did i drown when i was still walking through the water

zagibu3305d ago

Maybe because your character was an a$$face?

Rifle-Man3306d ago

I would try this, but I already know how I'd die: I'd set the grass on fire with the blowback from my rocket launcher, which would in turn set my jeep on fire, which would in turn blow up and kill my sorry ass.

ironwolf7773306d ago

They take this stuff waaay too seriously.
Playing a game with one life doesn't need to become some existential
wank fest.

FantasyStar3306d ago

I think it's all about the pressure now. Knowing that you only have one life will definitely make you think twice about some firefights and raiding on guard posts for fun. I think I might want to attempt this challenge.

Nihilism3306d ago

yeah it just sounds like pseudophilosophy b.s to me, we get it, 1 life, if you die you die, there was no need for that article.......oh i mean, what a deep concept, a tale of life and death...heroism, and s&m

Poopface the 2nd3306d ago

seems interesting, but its been done before with much worse consequences(diablo 2) and back in the day most games had limited lives as opposed to saves anyways. Alot of people already know the feeling of having to start a game over if they die.

Nitrowolf23306d ago

so if u die u die? no continuing from the point you saved?

poindat3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Wow... I hope you're kidding. When people say, "there is no such thing as a bad question," they were lying.

To answer your question, nope, no continuing on. That was sort of the whole point of this essay and experiment...

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