Halo Legends Coming to Blu-ray in 2010

Halo Legends Coming to Blu-ray in 2010

Posted July 23, 2009 09:59 AM by Josh Dreuth

Warner Bros. While Microsoft may be holding back on Blu-ray for their Xbox 360 video game system, they will allow a new seven part anime series based on the popular Xbox-exclusive game Halo to be released on the high definition format. 'Halo Legends', which is currently being worked for a 2010 release, will feature seven short anime films based in the Halo universe.

In a move that will invoke comparisons to 'The Animatrix', Microsoft has enlisted the help from popular anime studios Bones, Casio Entertainment, Production I.G., Studio4 C, and Toei Animation to produce the content. The shorts will first be previewed on Xbox Live, with a Blu-ray and DVD release through Warner Brothers soon after.

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shocky163341d ago

Can't wait to play the superior version of Halo Legends on my PS3. :)

BBCnewsrocks3340d ago

well played good sir... bubbles for you.

Mo0eY3340d ago

I'm waiting for a Xbox fanboy to try and spin it with some 1080p streaming comment.

Lelouch V Brit3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

"Sounds weird. Can't wait to play the superior version of Halo Legends on my PS3. :)"

lol agree, at least ps3 fans can "play" this halo.

TheTwelve3340d ago

Well Shocky, imagine all the 360 owners who buy anything with Halo on it, thinking it's a game and finding that it won't work on their 360? For them, that would be worse news than when they found out what Halo Wars actually was.


Sarcasm3340d ago

That's why hardcore Halo players who happen to just have a PS3 won't mind.

But the hardcore "Blu-Ray is Dead" and "Halo is the best game EVARR" are probably going insane.

D4RkNIKON3340d ago

This just looks dumb, way to run the series into the ground.. Next Halo plush dolls and PJs for the target 5-8 year old audience.

RememberThe3573340d ago

It's not like only PS3 owners will buy this, or are even the only people who own blu-ray players. This will be good for Microsoft in that it will expose even more people to Halo.

InfectedDK3340d ago

Hahaha.. Oh the irony..
Well the 360 really needs Blu-ray..

Rowsdower3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

and a 360 for under 375.00

so i can still play and then change over to HDMI 2 on my TV and watch the movie.

so i dont see what the big deal is

just PS3 fanboys with blinders who assume the only option available is the one they chose


MS will also release it in HD on live

options are a good thing

look a disagree, i guess options are bad, oh well

a_squirrel3340d ago

'The irony was so thick, you could cut it with a knife'

that's what I thought as soon as I read the title


starvinbull3340d ago

I could be proved completely wrong on this one but I expect it to bomb on BD.

rockleex3340d ago

Halo Legends 360 DVD version VS Halo Legends PS3 BD version.

"If you zoom in real close on the four pixels at the corner right here, you can see that in fact the DVD version looks better than the BD version."

dcbronco3340d ago

Sony fanboys are admitting to wanting any Halo they can get. Kinda' said actually considering how much they rail against it.

rockleex3340d ago

When 360 fanboys finally got MGS:Rising, a spin-off?

I don't see any PS3 fanboys who begged for Halo on their system. I still don't see any PS3 fanboys who are glad that this will be available on Bluray.

So your comment kind of failed.

dcbronco3340d ago

Actually it succeeds. The reason is the very first comment states he will be watching the superior version on his PS3. He got 32 agrees. Which means that 32 PS3 owners(most likely the same fanboys that agree to any PS3 being superior comment) acknowledge that they will be getting the Halo film. This is the Sony fanboys version of pen-- envy.

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3341d ago
Omega43340d ago

If Sony can get this bundled with a PS3 they might have their first million unit selling bundle

Ninji3340d ago

The majority of PS3 owners aren't kids so I don't think a Halo cartoon will appeal to future PS3 owners (or current PS3 owners for that matter).

poopsack3340d ago

nice, right there u got a lot,

you hit on the point that "PS3 owners dont buy games, they have it for Bluray"
"Halo is Jesus"
"Halo is owned by microsoft, so if that actually happened, it would somehow make microsoft a better company"


ps921173340d ago

Nah if Sony ever needed that they would just release GT5P2.

TheTwelve3340d ago

Nah. Microsoft has the stupid frat-boy demographic all locked up for themselves.


RememberThe3573340d ago

lol that's funny because ever frat boy I know has a 360. It's so freakin cliche.

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Abash3340d ago

Too bad because if they aired Halo Legends in Japan it would of made a big push for Halo and the 360

ps921173340d ago

Nope just because it has an anime art style don't mean it will become popular.

Abash3340d ago

It would of caught their attention far more than the game itself ever will.

hulk_bash19873340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

The 360 already has a downloadable HD service that Microsoft is working hard to push forward, so for them to implement a blu-ray add-on wouldn't be a plausible move for them.