Microsoft: Halo 3 will help sell more 360's

In an interview done by Gamesindustry biz Microsoft's chief financial officer, Chris Liddell, has confirmed that the company expects platform exclusive Halo 3 to boost Xbox 360 sales when the game hits the shops later this year. He states:


"Halo 3 is clearly going to have a positive impact in two senses. One, it gives us more confidence in the number of consoles we think we're going to be able to sell next year."

He also adds that :

"In terms of the direct impact, obviously it's a first-party product so it's reasonably profitable from our point of view, and it will be several hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue next year."

This might in fact be true because of the enormous fanbase for the halo franchise


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decapitator4128d ago

Great Job stating the obvious.

Robotz Rule4127d ago

A classic!,but yeah It's kinda obvious that Halo 3 will sell more 360's,It's been a successful running franchise since the original Halo!,I'm going to preorder my copy today:)

Firewire4127d ago

Don't want to start a war!
But hear me out, I want your opinions!
I think fans of Halo, already own xbox's/360's
I know a large number will upgrade from the original
xbox to the 360 because of Halo 3 , but how is it gonna
drive more people to the 360 who don't own the system at all?
Most Halo die hard fans are already on the console, and if they
haven't bought or upgraded to the 360 because of Gears & Crackdown
why will Halo 3 do it! Just a question, don't want a fan war, I'm just curious!

MoonDust4127d ago

Halo release date near holidays, nuff naid.

eques judicii4127d ago

because a lot of people playing halo 2 still play on original xbox... remember that stat that microsoft threw out there a while ago? only 50% of 360 owners owned the original xbox.

kewlkat0074127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Can they tell us Anything else we don't know? We all know why it will move consoles.

-It's a top sequal to a great FPS.(personally not the greatest, but it incorporates some things well)
-Xbox fans that have not upgraded, are just waiting for this game.
-It's coming out around Xmas time- Heellloo
-The game does not need Hyping. The fans on XBL speaks for itself.

For some reason I got a feeling this game might be delayed.......too many competition towards the end of the year. So many titles delayed already.

Funky Town_TX4127d ago

I think of Halo as the Michael Jordan of console FPS's. The champ is the champ untill someone knocks them out. I know there will be copy cat FPS's coming out as well. Halo's fanbase is hugh I know lots of "Halo only" guys. I even know ppl that will buy it without knowing anything about it.

parasite4127d ago

Does a bear sh!t in the woods? OF COURSE!

CompGeek4127d ago

LOL, this comment deserves props.