Monster Hunter 3 Released In Japan… More Info Revealed

JPS Reports: "Monster Hunter 3 for the Nintendo Wii has finally been released in Japan! With no release date yet for the United States, here are some of the info that I think you should know and find out!.."

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Nitrowolf23345d ago

just watch the sales for this game, i have no doubt that they will be big

mastiffchild3344d ago

A huge spike in Wii sales as well I would think, no? We'll have to see if the same size spike happens for PS3 when FF13 arrives this Xmas in Japan.

A_Little_Girl3344d ago

another great summer games for wii owner in japan, im jealous of them

gaffyh3344d ago

This weeks media create sales should be interesting, although from what I've heard this game is basically the same as Monster Hunter 2nd G. Pay to play online is a disappointment though.

Lets-Game3345d ago

I can easily see 5mil sold in first week.

STK0263344d ago

I doubt it'll get 5 million in it's first week, if ever. MH was a hit in Japan dut to it's gameplay, community factor (being able to play with 3 of your friends) and portability (you can play it in the bus, train etc).
On the Wii, you get the same good gameplay, but playing online without a decent voice chat system (sorry, but Wii speak ain't exactly that great) could prove problematic for a game asking for teamwork and portability is non existent, since it's a console game.

So, we can't really say if MH3 will be another hit like the PSP titles, or if it will be more like the PS2 titles. Only time will tell.

ThanatosDMC3345d ago

If it were me, i'd b!tch about it to no end that it was on the wii and not on PS360.

Myst3344d ago

I'll do the b!tching for you then, Though it will be because it's out in Japan and not out over in the states yet.

bunbun7773344d ago

Sure im happy for my Japanese friends having fun .....on the Wii....

BUT-- if they bring this to the PS3 I will play it! And I guarantee i will get at least 3 others to buy it. Come on Capcom-- give us what we want-- I want Rathalos in HD going "rarrhhhhhrrhhhhaaa!!&quo t; and me going like "whoooooaaaaaa" and then we fight--- Beauty!

N4g_null3344d ago

bunbun777 you can get 3 others but I'm sure I know 20 people that will try this game and buy this game for the first time just based on how you play it and what you can do. This will be my first monster hunter also... I have a few hand held devices but really nothing beats the big screen.

Plus I never use the transit system If I can't drive, walk or get flown there so I can do those things then I'm not going I guess... O yeah I don't live in japan.

Plus I don't many people that are 17 and up that play any type of monster hunter because it has a pokemon stigma. It is not deserved but it does. Ask around online on your system and you won't find many complaining... they just want uncharted 2 right or the next halo.

zok3103344d ago

make it past 1 million, the game have no online, which defeats the purpose of the series.

Myst3344d ago


What? Monster Hunter Tri~ has online it's just pay to play after a few days which is apparently 20.

BX813344d ago

Oh sweet fail. It has online and I just saw an article on N4G yesterday or the day before saying it has already sold over 1 million copies.

N4g_null3344d ago

Well zok310 nice prediction there. LOL looks like they proved you wrong right no the dot huh? Oh yeah there is no hardcore market on the Wii yeah tell that to capcom now.

Mahr3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

"I just saw an article on N4G yesterday or the day before saying it has already sold over 1 million copies."

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. This is why people on here start posting "Game X only sold Y number of units in Z number of days! Failure!" after every major game release, no matter how well it sells or doesn't.

Technically, that article only said that Capcom shipped a million copies to stores. Obviously, that means Capcom's projecting a like number of sales in the region, but in theory, all of those units could just take up shelf-space forever.

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