T3 Review: Sony PSP Go

T3 is first in the UK to test drive Sony's latest handheld...

T3 puts Sony's latest handheld through its paces for the UK's first review...

Sony's PSP Go launches on 1 October with T3 being amongst the first to give Sony's latest handheld a thorough playtest.

And their verdict? While the PSP has gradually shed a little weight with a new refresh every year since its original launch, the PSP Go or PSP-N1000, "is a whole new thing."

The new device will launch at a price of $250 over in the US and 'still to be decided' for the UK when it finally hits the streets later this year.

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a_squirrel3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I think it's funny when people say 'add phone support and compete' when it already has phone support, and it's free

P.S. Yes I know, it needs wireless internet to do that

The_Beast3338d ago

when in all its a psp with only downloadable if you dont like this. get the psp 3000. thats what im going to do, i like having physical copies of my games :/

Cwalat3338d ago

I think the biggest criticism for PSP "thick" version is that it's not very pocket friendly.

That has fortunately been adressed here, and without UMD drive the PSP Go is much sexier.

I will buy this no doubt, 250$ isn't that much and i'm always up for new tech.

They gave it 3/5 mainly because it isn't backwards compatible... But if you look at the videoreview she says: "If you're afraid you're loosing all those PSP games you only have to give Sony a call and they'll send the downloadable version to your account for download (a code for the download)"
So now they've adresses backwards compatibility...What else?
Smaller screen, yeah it is smaller.. but the difference is so minimal most people won't see the difference.

I'm all for it!

Devs and Publishers will love the PSP Go,
Only digital content... (Less costs interms of getting it out there to the gamers, no Gamestop screwing them from behind with "cheaper used games for PSP"...)
More onboard memory... (Better graphics, Just look at soulcalibur)

meepmoopmeep3338d ago

well, i don't need it for a phone or skype

i need it to play games.
if i can get my current UMD's onto it i'd get one,
but without any way to get them onto it without rebuying the game, nah, i'll pass

gamesmaster3338d ago

meep did you even read the article, you can call sony and get a code for a digital copy of your umd game...

MEsoJD3338d ago

I would have no incentive on getting an iphone.

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divideby03338d ago

to expensive and you will soon realize that there is not enough storage for games, movies and music..

saint_john_paul_ii3338d ago

just to let you know, on top of the built in 16gbs thats in the system, you can expand the memory by another 16gb if you like with a Memory stick. im pretty sure its more than enough to store games, save games, movies, pictures and photos for now.

darthLegion3338d ago

Even so, it should come with more memory (preferably 32 gb) out of the box. You shouldn't be expected to shell out more money for more memory after spending $250 already plus the cost of games. I do believe I will be getting one though, even though I just bought a 3000. I'm all for owning physical copies of games, but not so much for portable systems. I don't want to be able to only carry the disc inside the system. I'm only going to buy the downloadable version of PSP games if possible. That's the way this industry is headed with all systems anyways.

VeNoMx73338d ago

I've been wanting a PSP for a while now but I was waiting until they announced the next version. I'm really interested in the PSP Go, but man $250 is just to much. If it was $200 then it'd be a must buy for me, but for now I'll just wait until the price goes down.

gamesmaster3338d ago

50 bucks makes that much differance?

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