Aliens vs Predator Marine Reveal Trailer writes: "SEGA gas released the Colonial Marines reveal trailer for their upcoming Aliens vs Predator game. For a closer-look at playing the colonial marines, check out our behind closed-door meeting with SEGA while at this year's E3 in Los Angeles..."

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Cwalat3309d ago

The sound that the predator makes just before a kill, fu**ing epic.

xztence3309d ago

this game has shot up to one of my most anticipated games.
it will be so f*cking awesome, I cant wait man.

Imo, time for the hype train to set off. :)

Rockox3309d ago

Man, this looks good!! It'll be interesting to see how the marine campaign in this game will compare to Aliens: Colonial Marines (no Predators, obviously).

GameOn3309d ago

This is a must have for me.