Raining Fire: New pictures of the CryEngine based movie

New screenshots of the Cryengine based movie project Raining Fire have been published.

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Pandamobile3344d ago

CryEngine based movie?

Oh, it's just a machinima. That's pretty cool. I was expecting like a real movie or something.

Kushan3344d ago

I reckon the future, beyond "3D" is going to be "interactive" films. Like basically Machinima, but rendered in real time so you can watch the action however you see fit. It'd be pretty cool, there could be like a "director's version", which is how it was intended and then you could do your own "cut" and move cameras and stuff in real time all you like. Imagine something like the Matrix, but with you being able to control what you see and when you see it.

Pandamobile3344d ago

Hell yea, that'd be pretty intense.

REALgamer3344d ago

Isn't that just like games such as Heavy Rain?

Most stuff is scripted, but you make choices and have control of the camera.


3343d ago