Does Wii HD Make Sense?


"For more than a week, I've tried to properly examine why the "Wii HD" or "Wii Plus" makes business sense, but every time I began writing, I was stopped in my tracks. Frustrated, I continued to think about it a little harder and found that while I did believe that a new could Wii HD make sense, there were significant enough questions that left me to waver on whether or not it was plausible."

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EvilTwin3277d ago

Big N is having enough trouble filling out first-party titles as it is. The Wii is already in need of more Mario, more Zelda and more Samus (not to mention Star Fox, Pikmin, F-Zero, etc.). They won't make it any easier on themselves trying to juggle two versions of Wii.

They are so successful right now because they stepped out of the graphics wars. I don't think more polygons and higher def texture resolution would have made Twilight Princess or Galaxy any better, either.

The ONLY reason they have to move up the console's power is if they want versions/ports of 3rd-party games that are using Sony and Microsoft's motion controls in the next few years. And even then, we're talking 2010 or 2011. They could easily launch a Wii-2 in 2011.

Mr.Mister3277d ago

i dont want a hd wii. i like it like that. yes i do have a hd tv but i dont really mind the pixel counting. i rather have a enjoyable gameplay over gfx and sound.