TVG: Console Wars: 7th Generation Feature

TVG writes: "Common consensus suggests the Xbox 360 is increasingly staking its claim as the dominant console for hardcore gamers this generation, the Wii is striking out into unknown territory with spectacular results, and the PlayStation3 is languishing in third place.

Determined to see whether this is the case, we scrutinized financial reports from the three hardware manufacturers to gain a better understanding on where we currently are in this generation, providing an insight into factors such as the importance of AAA first-party exclusives and price cuts, along with a glimpse into what the future may hold."

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ChozenWoan3248d ago

I was so looking foward to the second and third phases of the 7th Gen Console War. Now that the ending has been revealed there is no need to continue
"fighting the good fight." =(

Awww who am I kidding, this is just more fuel for the fire!

OGharryjoysticks3248d ago

If Sony somehow drops PS3 price 100 bucks before the holidays I wonder if it will mean the system sells a ton? We all know Microsoft will drop price and offer the bundle with 4 games all for less than what the arcade system sells for during the year so they will sell during the holidays as usual. I know Sony will never give PS3's away like Microsoft does the box, but lifetime sales of PS3 are actually impressive cosidering the price point.