360 Twitter/Facebook "before Xmas"

Microsoft has said that the Twitter and Facebook applications planned for Xbox 360 will be separate applications rather than part of another broad dashboard update.

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mrv3213341d ago

Cool, I will not use it... seeing as I use my xbox for gaming but I see quite a few people using this. A great expansion but I'd rather a browser than facebook/twitter intergration, I wish Microsoft does well in this venture into more casual markets.

Don't be a hater.

dobisskill3341d ago

I would much rather have a tailor made app than a crappy console browser. If i wanted to visit them in a browser then i would use my PC like i'm doing right now.

Plus, i'm more interested in the Sky TV stuff.

GWAVE3341d ago

And suddenly, non-gaming social applications matter so much to gamers!

mrv3213341d ago

So you'd rather have two websites which work very well than 1,000,000's that work equally as well some may not most work just fine... If I can name two website that are designed for PS3 you by definition should admit that browser better than website apps...

Here we go

Youtube xl

I'm sure there's other website, most .swf games work quite well. So you'd rather turn on your PC, log in and start up you browser than turn on a console click browser and go straight to N4G or something? I use my PS3 browser all the time, it's quick and easy, great for just surfing.

I agree with GWAVE... this BARELY enhances gaming unless you like to brag about the number of girls you killed in Bioshock(forgot what it's called) or the number of prostitutes you've murdered in GTA IV if that's the case you don't have facebook or twitter because YOU WON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS.

dobisskill3341d ago

Yes, pretty much. I can say right now i've never used Youtube or BBC iPlayer on my PS3. I used the iPlayer on the Wii when that was first announced, but thats it.

I do use iPlayer and youtube all the time on my PC. Plus to my knowledge (may be wrong) you can't download shows on iPlayer to a PS3 which is what i do with it on PC.

However, i would be more likely to use these services on a console if they were integrated into the XMB/Dashboard or as a downloaded application (Vidzone). I was looking forward to the iPlayer being on the 360 when that was rumoured, but obviously that never happened.

SaberEdge3341d ago

These are nice features and what's really cool about them is that they are built right into the interface and you will be able to use some aspects of them even while you are in a game. The PS3 browser is also a really cool feature and has its own advantages.

darx3341d ago

Give me games that's why I bought a 360.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3341d ago

Who ever said Twitter/Facebook didn't have to be about gaming? This is on a gaming console, so I'm sure the main topic will be about gaming.

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Spike473341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

And I thought gaming was all that mattered in a console, I guess MS doesn't think so.

divideby03341d ago

A Browser would be like 10000000000 better than these apps. ask anyone who matters

Smokzdaizm3341d ago

Unless Sony does it then it will matter right?

Fiona3341d ago

I will not use them, but pretty cool i guess.

cyborg69713341d ago

Awesome another reason not to be gaming on a game console. Who give a sh!t. I thought MS said it was about games and not other nongaming apps.What happened to that old adage?

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The story is too old to be commented.