The Blu-Ray changer to rule them all

Examiner: Are you one of those cinemafiles that has every movie on DVD or Blu-Ray? Do the towering stacks of movies teeter daily, threatening the family poodle with entombment should they lose their balance and come crashing down? Have you been looking for a way to store them all in one easy location? For the vast majority of us, the answer is a resounding, "No. That's weird. Who can afford that many movies?" For those few who perked up at the question, Sony has a treat in store for you.

In fall of 2009, Sony will be offering the BDB-CX7000ES Blu-Ray disc changer. Now, most of us have seen five disc changers. I remember our store offering a 100 disc changer. Those are for amateurs. The 7000ES will offer a ridiculously massive 400 disc storage capacity. With the backwards compatibility of Blu-Ray, this will also be able to play DVDs and CDs, so you'll be able to fully empty those home theater racks and store something else.

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Sitdown3303d ago

I am pretty sure robbers will be thankful for this device.

Smootherkuzz3301d ago

I purchased a Sony CDP-CX255 200 cd disc player some years ago and it was the bomb, I loved this thing it did it all, then it started to drop the disc that it was to pick up to play or put back into the tray, this caused damage to the other discs in the tray because the turntable would keep turning until the action was completed this caused great damage to my collection,now I only use it as a single disc player maybe two if I drink a few beers. I hope that this error has been fixed with the newer models and this new unit because BLU-RAY Discs cost alot more and pissed would not even be the word if damage to the blu ray collection caused by this unit happens.