Mass Effect 2's producer talks about the game (Pt 4)

Computerworld: BioWare's Xbox 360 and Windows interactive space opera Mass Effect 2 is still half a year away, but for lead producer Casey Hudson it's happening right now. Busy as he is, I managed to grab him away from dotting i's and crossing t's as his team moves into the sequel's final feature beats to make its planned early 2010 debut.

In part four we cover Commander Shepard's level drop, the game's updated abilities, new vehicle attributes, the overhauled interface, and Casey explains why storytelling in at least some games doesn't suck.

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StanLee3280d ago

I'm so looking forward to this game. I'm certain the game will deliver.

NewZealander3279d ago

im only just playing the first game now, and its incredible, i uploaded it to the hard drive because people said it stutters a bit, plays pretty well.

had to play it before the sequel comes out, and damn glad i did finally pick this game up, ME is light years beyond "epic"

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John Kratos3280d ago

Really don't care if it comes to the PS3 as I will have to get it on my 360 to import my characters.

morganfell3279d ago

Worst copout ever. All we heard from Hudson was how your character would carry over. How your abilities would carry over. WTF did I spend all of that time not just building a character for the game but for the sequel as well. They have yet to deliver on any of the big promises they made in the past and this latest revelation just reeks.