Exclusive: World Of Warcraft's U.S. Retail Sales Total 8.6 Million

According to NPD data provided to Gamasutra, Blizzard's World Of Warcraft has now sold a spectacular 8.6 million copies of the PC MMO and its various expansion packs at U.S. retail over its lifetime.

Following the revelation that The Sims 3 sold more than 800,000 copies in its first month at U.S. retail, Gamasutra followed up with NPD to find out how well WoW -- perhaps the only retail competitor to The Sims series over the past few years -- has fared.

According to the company, which rolled up multiple SKUs of the massively popular online game, since November 2004, when the original World Of Warcraft launched, Activision Blizzard has sold 8.6 million retail copies of the game and its expansion packs.

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Gun_Senshi3304d ago

Halo sold more in less time

move along nothing to see

kydrice3304d ago

Only no one pays 15 dollars a month to play Halo. WoW makes more in one week than Bungie would in a month.

Odion3304d ago

Thats impressive considering thats just the US, now I really want to know wht the global sales numbers are!

Farsendor13304d ago

pretty good for a game that has monthly payments. i played it for about 3 years.

Mutley4163304d ago

Halo...Lolz My Mage Would make Master Chief Cry to his momma...