Resolution: Heavenly Sword retrospective

Resolution writes: "It's representative of what games seem to be evolving into: works of art. Few other titles provide the player with such beautifully crafted storytelling, presentation and entertainment. Still one of the strongest games on the PS3, Heavenly Sword is a true Hollywood blockbuster, in game form."

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40cal3339d ago

Have not played this yet, I think that you need to. Hell you all need to run out a buy this bad boy so that they can start work on a second game.

FunAndGun3339d ago

If this game would have came out this year, I think it would have been a big hit. The problem was it released so early in the PS3 lifecycle and there wasn't much love for the PS3 in 2007.

Great game regardless, a sequel would be awesome.

Jaces3339d ago

Funny I found this article cause I was just playing it like 10 minutes ago.

AND, this is my first play through and it is an Amazing game!!

InfectedDK3339d ago

> I want Heavenly Sword 2 <

talltony3339d ago

is severely underrated. I mean it really is a excellent game with excellent story telling and voice acting. Also has my favorite final boss fight to date.

Elimin83339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Talk about a diamond in the rough.... Too bad there isn't any trophies for it though... Can't wait for the sequel, providing they make it... I liked Kai, hopefully the story continues where the first one left off...

LazyDevs3339d ago

Yeah awesome game, the story progress was great. Combat reminds me exactly like some other game....hmmmmm....what game was it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

Personally I think this game was overrated. Was it a decent game? Sure, but it was the production value that made it a good game, not game play. Game play wise it had some fun aspects, but among other things choppy frame rate, button mashing game play and lack of good controls severely hampered this game.

Tapewurm3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

IdleLee-IWouldntKnowAGoodGameI fItBitMeInTheAss-SiuLung Wrote:

"1.8 -
Personally I think this game was overrated. Was it a decent game? Sure, but it was the production value that made it a good game, not game play. Game play wise it had some fun aspects, but among other things choppy frame rate, button mashing game play and lack of good controls severely hampered this game."
_____________________________ _______________________________ __________
My Reply:

Choppy Framerate....Nope, Button Mashing game.......Definitely Nope (that is if you can fathom the combat mechanic and use it as intended...not an easy task for the mouth breathing crowd.) and lack of good controls.....Uuuuhhhhh... How's about Noooooooooooooooo..... It is obvious either 1.) you didn't play the game -OR- 2.) you played it like a button masher and are have no clue.

This game is beautiful to see in action and if in the hands of a competent player that understands the ins and outs of the controls, it is simply amazing to watch..... the story is top notch and well deserving of a sequal.......... too bad it may never happen.

GrandTheftZamboni3339d ago

Button mashing can get you through for a while, but you can't pass some boss fights, where you need to execute specific combos and there are so many of them.

DaTruth3339d ago

360 fanboys need not apply!

JoySticksFTW3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

But, no. Denied... :(

man, we really need a sequel


Button-mashing in HS?

Not when you learn how to counter hits with timing and selecting the correct fighting stance


"It was no gem, it was an above mediocre game that was once again hyped up to oblivion by the fanboys (shame on me for listening) that is being continued here it seems"

@ Below

How about we liked it, you didn't, and just leave it at that? The game's like GoW jr with a cool story and great acting.

IdleLeeSiuLung3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I guess I expected a backlash from all the Sony fanboys here, but I bought this game during the $20 sale at amazon last November I think. It was no gem, it was an above mediocre game that was once again hyped up to oblivion by the fanboys (shame on me for listening) that is being continued here it seems.

The game definitely has frame rate issues, do a Google search and you will find other experiencing the same. From what I remember only the last boss had a combos you had to execute to beat him and once you figure it out it was cake! No challenge at all.

The controls was not very responsive at all. Now I might unfairly judge it against games like NG2, but the controls were incredibly slow and sluggish (even when accounting for the weapons).

The whole game was a choppy and repetitive experience. I stand by my earlier comment and think the production value was good, but the game play should have been considerably refined.

GameForFame3339d ago

I was late to the HS party but when I played it I thoroughly enjoyed it. Same happened with Uncharted. I know HS wasn't as "successful" but in both cases I hated myself for missing these games. I know a bunch of people who were in the same boat as myself, maybe that initial attraction wasn't there - but after we got a taste we realized what we were missing.

Kind of a bummer Heavenly Sword didn't make a big impact, but it's not a forgotten title either. Besides, that b*tch is HAWT!

Darrius Cole3339d ago

In no way did this game have a choppy frame-rate. This game had only three small flaws.

1. It had 2 or 3 load times in odd places, as though Ninja Theory had not mastered the art of seemlessly switching to and out of in game engine cut-scenes.

2. It was too easy or the first play-through.

3. It was too short.

aftrdark213339d ago

Highly underrated. One of the best games for PS3 this gen. I only wish it hadn't came out when PS3 bashing was "in". I am still hoping for a sequel. It needs to happen.

kewlkat0073339d ago

there would be more incentive for a sequel...

The developer of this game seems like they were ruffled by Sony but their next game will be multi-plat.

JBaby3433339d ago

I also wish the media and stupid fanboys wouldn't have ripped into it to no end exaggerating every little flaw. This was a great game and I have no regrets about getting it. It's a shame it wasn't recognized for what it is. Still the most cinematic game I've played that connected on an emotional level no other game has.

Gamertags3337d ago

I recommend you rent this before you buy it. Read the reviews of this game when it came out by trusted sources.

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sirbigam3339d ago

Guess it's time to make a movie.

poopsack3339d ago

so many game movies @[email protected] i hope some of em are good, they cant screw up uncharted, that would all for murder.

badz1493339d ago

HS for me is already a movie in game form! the acting especially the bad guys are almost excellent! the face expression and everything was what dragging me into the game! I fvcking hate those villains when they talk and that's really good! this game deserves a sequel!

ToastyMcNibbles3339d ago

absolutely loved this game and still have it in my collection... hopefully at one point sony will come back to this game and create a sequel for it.. they do own the ip so they can always get another studio to make it

funkycoldmedina3339d ago

HS was a great game experience similar to MGS4 in terms of story telling. HS's gameplay was good but felt shallow overall. No items, no inventory, nothing to collect (armor sets, weapons, etc.) other than rush to the next cutscene similar to old arcade beat'em up games like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Altered Beast, etc. The formula just doesn't offer much excitement when compared to other similar console games like DMC series, NGS or GoW (Never got into this series).

I think HS was a beautiful game even by today's standards. Nariko's model was gorgeous and I hope Sony gives it a much needed sequel but with additional gameplay elements. Personally, I thought the action was good enough but really enjoyed the sixth-axis implementation segments (Kai's arrow shooting, canon balls, etc.). Still have it in my collection and waiting to do another playthrough eventually.

spunnups3339d ago

Well said. It is a great game with an incredible story. The use of the six axis is perfect and to this day is still has the second best use of it behind Folklore. But as good as it was, it lacks depth. There were no items to collect or armor sets to wear. The game still deserves a sequel no doubt about that.

gamingisnotacrime3339d ago

This game uses the six axis so perfectly one wonders why other games dont follow a similar pattern, it feel right (like flower or flow, it just works)

Heavenly Sword 2 would be a 1st day buy for me, but with GoW 3 it may not happen in the near future if at all

DFogz3339d ago

Heavenly Sword was a wonderful if underrated game. The connection to all of the characters was outstanding. The voice work for this game is just amazing, especially in King Bohen, Kai, and Flying Fox (my favorite)
If Sony doesn't make a sequel they'll be missing out on a great opportunity, and a lot a gamers will have to miss out on a potentially great series that could stand right up there with the likes of God of War and Uncharted.

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