Epic Flaw in the Fall Video Games Release Strategy

"As we approach mid-summer everyone is looking ahead to the fall/holiday release schedule. Year after year the fall is when all major publishers and developers alike decide to unleash what they've worked so hard on to the eager and awaiting public. The strategy behind it is a no brainer: release around the major holidays and hope to sell an outrageous amount of units. With the demographics in the industry constantly changing and the average gamer getting older and older, the holiday release strategy is flawed, and here's why."

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iiprotocolii3345d ago

The author makes some really interesting points which are both funny and factual.

Johnny Rotten3345d ago

That's rather interesting. Yesterday I stumbled upon a thread asking how many adults play the PSP and it turned out to be 4 pages of peeps all the way up to the age of 50.

taz80803345d ago

interesting, i barely play with my psp. it is really only for plane rides since if i am home i will use my consoles.