Excerpts From Dark Sector Interview. New Screens. 04/26

Excerpts Fromo Dark Sector Interview done by the frigging squad.

Story line:

Hayden(main Character) is introduced as a CIA cleaner who operates in places where his government agency needs to find plausible deniability for mistakes they have made. Sent into Lasria on an assassination mission, Hayden discovers a biological threat that turns people into horribly disfigured beasts–and that he himself has been exposed to it. Hayden persistently continues his mission, but his strength, endurance, and morality is tested as this strange organic menace reacts with his body, giving him lethal, superhuman abilities. As the horrifying events in Lasria unfold, Hayden's physical transformation will progressively open new gameplay elements for the player, but his emotional and psychological evolution are equally important to character development throughout Dark Sector.CO


You can certainly expect the visceral, bloody satisfaction found in other popular shooters to be present in Dark Sector, but Hayden's evolving powers correspond with an evolving combat system that challenges players to face enemies that are no longer just bags of hit points. Some enemies will need to be "puzzled-out" or "opened up" before they become vulnerable to the player's attack. The idea here is to expand combat tactics using the evolving context of the player's abilities to creating new possibilities for old situations.

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Sevir044245d ago

this is among the 4 multiplatformer games i plan on getting this year. since i'm very pickky with the multiplatform games thats devs drop...

Dark sector
and Assassins Creed.

the rest i'll probably just rent. multiplatformer games never show a consoles true strenghth, thats why i'm all about the exclusives. you gotta be very concious about what you buy. because devs like EA make minor updates to there games and then tack on 07/08-00 or underground/Carbon and call it a brand new game when it's just a rehash from last year. personally. they can kiss my arse, i refuse to buy stuff from EA. i dont even have high hopes for Army of 2, and burnout as great that game may be it aint got squat on twisted metal. which is likely coming next year or sometime in the future.