Windows 7 cracked and activated with leaked OEM license key

85 days before general release, Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system has fallen foul of the hacking community.

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Maddens Raiders3278d ago

that's pretty much all one can do. lol

Gamertags3278d ago

is incredible! You can take my word for it, this is the operating system you actually want. It is that good.

Certainly worth paying for.

It is funny to see all the little kids making comments about MS when you know that every company has leaked and hacked software.

Guitarded3278d ago

What kind of lame hacking is that.

Montrealien3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Is this the same windows 7 I have on my computer atm, you know, the one MS let me install and gave me a key to install it with for free? The one that is good till 2010 that I can actually just activate when it is officially released?

btw, it is a great OS, I have not been impressed as much or even considered actually buying a windows OS since 95. That says a lot.

Major_Tom3278d ago

This key is probably blacklisted by now just so you guys know.

zag3278d ago

mmmm, man this is old hat news.

This has been done with the old Vista cracks on Win7 beta release.

Why I have no idea as the beta/RC1 keys are free you can get a RC1 key till the 20th-august from MS and just use that.

Why people are fussing around with cracking a beta/RC1 Win7 OS, when it'll just wipe itself on the 30th of june next year with/without the key... cracked or not.

It's just silly, RC1 keys are all OEM, there's no offical Win7 keys released so far unless the MSD keys are different.

shawnsl653278d ago

I thought MS gave everyone the free upgrade to Windows 7.

vhero3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

You cant blacklist a leaked OEM key you moron otherwise you would blacklist OEM's pc's its a default key used for OEM's all OEM's use the same and have already built there systems built on this key. They cannot change it back as its not an actual key like retail users have its a LOT more advanced method of checking files etc.. than that. Before you talk BS statements know what your talking about in future. The cracks not perfect yet but its only matter of days it works though for 70% of people. Updates work and everything. Makes MS think your PC is an OEM machine and they cannot tell if it's not either. Just the same as he Vista crack going about at the moment. MS made its too easy to crack this time... It's what you get rushing out a new OS I guess though

Arthur_3278d ago

Not only is this OLD NEWS, but its not impressive when you realize how it was done.

But I will say this: With new software being pirated everyday, im not surprised, at all.

Major_Tom3277d ago (Edited 3277d ago )

Really you 'moron' because I was using the EXACT same key earlier and now it's black listed.

Jesus christ kid. Thanks for playing the failure game.

I had to use a newer updater for it activate, so next time actually k.n.o.w. what you're talking about especially since you're probably not even running Windows 7. Amateur.

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Parm3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Unfortunate, but inevitable

The Meerkat3278d ago

And everyone will continue to use XP

militant073278d ago

Windows 7 is better than Xp at , at least for me.

its run much faster in my computer and look much better.

I love it

JOLLY13278d ago

have fun in your 32 bit os running 3 gigs of ram. Those are some limitations you have there.

Baka-akaB3278d ago

not me , i have no issues with 7 so far , and Xp has reached it's peak , it wont go any moe stable and faster on my rig . So time to switch for me

Carl14123278d ago


Really, i don't care. That won't effect me and won't effect most people for at least a while

JOLLY13278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

If you use photoshop, 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox or any sort of video editing software, it has mattered to you for the past 3 years. Most people use their computers for more than going to n4g. Yes carl, I realize that you probably check out the pr0n

STK0263278d ago

but isn't there a 64bit version of XP?
anyway, 7 looks nice, but I'll still wait a few months before getting it, just in case, I'm definately not rushing to get it like I did with Vista...

Tehdaza3278d ago

The 64 bit version of XP had a lot of driver compatibility issues.

It never ran stable for me even after I tried reinstalling it a couple times. Then I switched to x64 Vista and everything was well.

JOLLY13278d ago

with hardly any driver support? Yes, yes they did. I own it. The problem is hardly anyone supports it.

zag3278d ago

Will you still use XP?

When all the next lot of PC games are DX10+ only... meaning they won't work on XP as it's DX9 only.

JsonHenry3277d ago

Been playing around with Win7 on a friends PC (x64) and it is head and shoulders better than XP. But then again, I thought Vista was better than XP as well.

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Yi-Long3278d ago

... if they'd just release it for 50 bucks orso, most people wouldn't mind paying for a legal copy and would even consider it quite a bargain for an OS they are gonna use for years to come.

Reibooi3278d ago

If you pre ordered it from best buy it was only $50

Bubble Buddy3278d ago

Meh, after Vista, IMO it should have been free.

cpuchess3278d ago

Yes, anything that is overpriced is ok to steal and screw over the people who created it.

Jhun3278d ago

I hate people who try to make up excuses to justify pirating.

Stealing is stealing.

Transporter473278d ago

Okay if it is stealing like you say, so your saying that if i go to your house and let's say i take your car it is stolen right? But okay lets say i go to your house and i get a duplicate of your car just to try it out and see if i really want it but yet you still have your car but i have the exact same car due to the internet is it really stealing?

Ares84HU3278d ago

I guess in your book Robin Hood is an evil man, right??

PS360PCROCKS3278d ago (Edited 3278d ago )

Dude if you could go to someones house and get a "duplicate" car why would you steal his? Furthermore these people are not "trying it out" they're taking it and keeping it, stupid analogy.

zag3278d ago

Yeah maybe, but....

what if you had to buy a computer so you could make a program and it took you 12 months to make it, and you'd have 12 months of rent and bills etc to pay as well.

and going by what your saying it'd be fine for me to copy it, because I'll only giving it a try... of cause.

If I'm not interested in using your software, I won't pay though as I'm not using it and thus there's no requirment to pay for it, if I do use it... I won't need pay as I'm only testing it out to see if I want to pay for it and I simply haven't finshed testing out your software.

So you'll be fine with me for no paying for the software you made even though you'd have the computer/rent/power etc for 12 months built up needing to get paid.


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