Gaming Union: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

Gaming Union writes "Monster Hunter offers a huge level of customisation for equipment and a vast quantity of missions. It has depth that is simply unrivalled on a portable system, but unfortunately that doesn't make it perfect. The gameplay is a slight thorn in the side, as it suffers from a lack of depth and a poor camera. It's still fun to play though. There is also a lack of any real story, and that might put some off. However, the ability to hunt down huge monsters with three friends isn't an opportunity that should be missed."

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Kyll3276d ago

I don't think I've seen a MH game get a bad average score o_O

Selyah3276d ago

Agree wholeheartedly with this review, really enjoying it myself none the less. The camera is considerably awkward to maneuver effectively while doing everything else.

ShawnCollier3276d ago

Very meaty review. Was well worth a read. :)

Good to see it got a good score, with all of the effort Capcom's making to have it do well outside of Japan.

mephman3276d ago

The sales don't seem that amazing so far, but at least they're making the effort.

Grandreaper99993276d ago

Read the review, it's a decent description.

This preview is Stupid. Shame on you mephman. They mention the depth of certain aspects of the gameplay, not the gameplay as a whole.

The gameplay is deeper than ANYTHING PRODUCED THIS GENERATION, and is unsurpassed. Do not underestimate this because it's a PSP game. The only parts mentioned in the review that lacks depth is the combos for the weapons. The combos were fine btw, you have a bunch of weapon types, and they all have different attacks. The limitation of combos is a balancing issue, and it works great. Ultimately, the only major limitation comes down to the player.

I'd give it a 10 because I can't put the damn thing down. 400 hours later and it's still addictive as hell.

I WOULD give it an 8 though, because it's not different enough compared to MHF2 (2nd G). I was kinda hoping for a totally new game, but slight item management improvements and much, much more content is always welcome.

This is not a game people should miss out on! Buy/Steal/Construct a PSP and get the game any way you can. It is THAT good. 0_0