DF blog: New Xbox 360 dash full details

Digital Foundry writes:

"Microsoft has started to open up the new Xbox 360 dashboard update to the great unwashed via its latest preview programme, and has released a comprehensive list of new features contained within the update to complement the abridged version we saw 12 days ago.

The list is somewhat disappointing in that many of the big features touted at this year's E3 are yet to be introduced. So there's not a hint of, Facebook or Twitter support. Xbox 360 Games on Demand is still "coming soon" despite a listing, and the "instant on" 1080p movie streaming we talked about has still yet to implemented. More than that, a great many of the new features are currently for US gamers only (the party enhancements, puzzlingly so).

Rather helpfully though, Microsoft has released a comprehensive list of what has been changed, and with deft use of cut and paste buttons, you can read all about it below. The user ratings are likely to become very popular very quickly, while the option to override the digital handshake between console and display will allow increased compatibility and marginally superior performance on a range of HDMI and DVI screens."

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