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jahcure3223d ago

can't believe we pay for live to have this happen

Gamer11113223d ago

meh halo wars was lame if it happened to halo 3 there would be riots worldwide.

GWAVE3223d ago

Sadly, Live subscriptions offer very little substance. You'd THINK there would be more stable servers. You'd THINK there would be stronger cheat-prevention measures. You'd THINK, but it's not the case. At this point, people are paying $50 for cross-game chat. Everything else can be found for free elsewhere.

Raf1k13223d ago

Some people put a lot of time into their stats.

3223d ago
JokesOnYou3223d ago

Maybe they will recover them...this isn't a huge stat-driven game I don't think, personally I thought the game was long as my achievements are still good I'm fine.

lol, he's baaaaaack....


KingsofOmega3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

This has never happened to me on my supposedly "crappy" free PSN.

Get what you pay for? Not with Microsoft.

EDIT: Didn't take long for the disagrees, you all seem to get so stuck up when I mention PSN's continued reliability.

leila013223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

It's funny how the people that think XBL is a "rip-off" are the ones that don't have X360s.

Guys give it a rest, no amount of bashing will make a X360 owner buy a PS3 or stop paying $30 a year for XBL.
Just enjoy your PS3 and let the others get "ripped-off" peacefully, you don't see them complaining.

EDIT : Can the people that disagreed with my comment at least tell me why they disagree?

Chubear3223d ago

Why would I go and support a console that only lets me access half the content I paid full price for and only lets me access the other half after I've paid and additional cost to the console maker while another console lets me access all of the content on a disc that I paid for?

3223d ago
IcyJoker1873223d ago

wating for games huh! ya know i coulda sworn the 360 hasnt had a game to talk bout all year.....except this

and everyones stats got wiped......awsome

keep siding wiht MS they give you a great gaming experience

Winter47th3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )


Wow, someone's gonna get fried for this one, I'd love to hear their excuse. The consumer must be feeling he paid to get screwed, that's poetic.

danarc3223d ago

"It's funny how the people that think XBL is a "rip-off" are the ones that don't have X360s."

Well yeah... they wouldnt buy an Xbox if they think its a ripoff lol

matchgrade3223d ago

"It's funny how the people that think XBL is a "rip-off" are the ones that don't have X360s."

Obviously, as people who think something is a rip-off usually tend to avoid it.

I've had both Xbox Live and PSN and I really believe all that's missing from PSN that a sensible person would need is more people to talk to via headset, but that's provided solely by the users, not the company, so there's no sense in paying Microsoft for that.

Rampant3223d ago

360 sells more than ps3. People must enjoy being ripped off!

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docsavage3223d ago

Don't you mean "Ha Haaaaah!"?

Winter47th3223d ago

HAHA man that is just so sad! you get what you pay for, if you're dumb enough to pay for a service that's in fact nothing more than a permit visa that grants you what, access to online play? WOW, hey, makes sense. knock yourselves out gents.

IcyJoker1873223d ago

so thats where the 50 bucks you spend goes, i thought it was for the dedicated servers.......

wait a second............

Ninver3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

lol too true. man i heard MW2 will be butter smooth on xboxlive with it's dedica... oh wait a sec, that's on the ps3 never mind lag on.

Edit: @ below. dude regardless we'll still be able to download the same files. just cause you get it quicker doesn't mean you're a winner lol. face it you're paying for a service others get for free and more. you guys are too easy to own.

Gamer11113223d ago

i only payed 30$ for a year. pretty soon ill be streaming 1080 movies...while your still downloading...worth the petty cash.

-MD-3223d ago

Jealousy is a powerful thing Icy.

topdawg1223223d ago

don't worry gamer111, we already got bluray and you got the free streami..... wait it hasn't come out yet, darn

Gamer11113223d ago

i have a ps3 also. and netflix. and i love my blu-rays from netflix and i love my netflix on my 360. shhh

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Ninver3223d ago

hmm guess you get what you pay for huh? this is epic fail. how people could cough up $50 yearly for a broken promise is beyond me. sheeps deserve to suffer.

Ninver3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

anyone who still defends M$ for such a crappy service is a sheep. atleast on the ps3 it's free so you needn't be bothered. the fact that it comes standard with dedicated servers is a deal stealer.

i know i wouldn't want to pay for the telephone line while i'm already paying for the calls i make. you people just don't make sense.

excuse my rant but i sympathising with my fellow gamers. stop paying unecesary cash and start being smart. if no one paid M$ wouldn't have an excuse to charge you.

man no wonder why the 99.9 percent of the world think video games are for kids. because we have people making childish decisions.

Edit: @ below. well guess you've been staying far too long in your bat cave cause all ps3 gamers have been playing AAA games since launch. i'm not even gonna mention the first half of the year.

sounds to me you're doing massive damage control cause i could have sworn the 360 hasn't had one decent game worth mentioning the whole year. now just smile and act cool k. we wouldn't want you to blow a circuit bo...

Double Toasted3223d ago

...there isn't a game that I would want to pay to play on the PS3 except Uncharted 2, but yeah Playslaves have a winner with that game...nothing else though.

Z4ST3R3223d ago

Sheep are Ninty fanboys....

Gamer11113223d ago

yeah it is free. i don't really play my ps3 online. doesn't feel like a community or well put together everything is a hassle on psn i feel like at least. plus i know 3 people with a ps3 who dont really play online and 40 people who acctually play xbox live.

IcyJoker1873223d ago

doing some serious damage control
you cant justify the price dude

plus whats a hassle on psn?

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