Tekken 6 full roster revealed

Atari/Namco has today released the final full playable character roster for the forthcoming Tekken 6 alongside some character bios which you may have already seen over the last few months.

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Delta3275d ago

That's a lot of characters. Cool that both 360 & PS3 get this.

Serjikal_Strike3275d ago

But the crappy thing for me is that all of them are available from the start :(

I would have prefered that they at least have a few hidden characters...oh well

Mindboggle3275d ago

This game is really dissapointed me. It looks identical to tekken 5 on PS3. The graphics havent improved much...

ThanatosDMC3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

All i care about is King and Steve.

I hope they really upped the graphics and what not on this one. I hope it looks as great as it does on the arcade version.

aaronisbla3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

game does NOT look like Tekken 5 DR on ps3, what r u smoking?

Baka-akaB3275d ago


I disagree here . Enough with hidding characters so a few bored people could entertain themselves in the solo mode of a de facto multiplayer game .

I dealt with it , without much choice in the past obviously , but screw characters unlocks .

It's annoying when you need to play versus immediately (and in this case , already played all other tekken ) .

It's stupid anyway , everyone just put one round , and the easiest setting , spams through to unlock chars .

Unlocks should be max 1-3 chars such as boss at most , or items and stuff .
Those among you that really care about grinding the game solo , can anyway without character unlocks .
No motivation ? Hell that's what trophies are for .

sack_boi3275d ago

Still haven't decided on which console I'll be getting this.

aaronisbla3275d ago

the game on the arcade version is running off a ps3 basically, so no worries.

@sack boi: both versions should look and play the same. If you are a pad player only, id suggest the ps3 version. If you are gonna use stick, get it for whatever you feel like playing on or whatever you got an arcade stick for.

Like Soul calibur 4, each system will have a good amount of competition, but some might lean towards ps3 since some pro players for this game are indeed pad users

RememberThe3573275d ago

Seriously? How do you even play fighting games on the 360? The PS3 d-pan is second to none.

And Mindboggle, This looks much better then Tekken 5:DR.
Tekken 5:DR

Tekken 6

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Sangria3275d ago

What i love with Tekken series is that every character is different and has his own fighting style. There's almost never a duplicate character (that's why i hate Christie Monteiro, she's pretty useless as she has the same fight style as Eddy Gordo).

But it's also because all those characters are good. You can defeat every character with every other, it's not a matter of technique spam. I can't wait to get my hands on BlazBlue (i still didn't receive it from AxelMusic, whereas i ordered it in early July).

forgot my password3275d ago

you're kidding right?
king=armor king
heihaci=kazuya=devil jin

Sangria3275d ago

Panda and Kuma were two skins for the same character, like Eddy and Tiger. And following your list, none of them have the same techniques. They share some few attacks but that's all.

King is grip-oriented while Armor King is strike-oriented, Nina is punch-oriented while Anna is kick-oriented, and Heihachi / Jin / Kazuya only have three techniques in common (which is understandable as they are from the same family and practice a family fighting style).

I only agree with Eddy and Christy, where both are strictly identical so Christy is useless.

aaronisbla3275d ago

those people you listed with the exception of eddy and christie are so different from each other.

LeonSKennedy4Life3275d ago

I'm with Sangria on this one.

Most fighting games have little-to-no variation in technique or combos. Tekken is very intricate. It's the only fighting series I can still enjoy.

Baka-akaB3275d ago

@forgot my password

Dont have much of a clue right ?

Armor king/king anna/nina have been way different characters in styles and moves for a long time

You keep proving your ignorance further with the mishimas .
So heihachi and jin are similar ? If it was heihachi players wouldnt be whining about their lack of good new moves and losing some each year , given how jin is so good . Especially this year with a non negligeable change to heihachi .

Tss every fighter and year it's the same kind of bull , with clueless guys as an ex lumping every hadoken user as the same , yet clueless when they dont have ryu or ken in their hands , and being crap with the others

The only skin swaps now are Eddy/Christy Kuma/Panda

forgot my password3275d ago

sure they might have different techniques but they're still duplicates. they have the same launchers except a.king from that list

christy wasn't useless she was faster than eddy(button mashing) gordo and better

forgot my password3275d ago

there's a reason why i said DEVIL JIN

aaronisbla3275d ago

The same launchers doesn't equal swapped characters like christie and eddy. You are wrong about her being faster also, eddy has more range, thats about it.

There is a reason why some of these characters are top tier compared to their "swapped" counterparts, try playing and see. if this was tekken 1 or 2, you might have a point, welcome to tekken 3 and beyond

themyk3275d ago

only [email protected] play with eddy anyways so who cares.

Baka-akaB3275d ago

Lol if heihachi had the same launcher , hei players wouldnt be crying right now . His twin pistons was even replaced this time .
Only thing in common for the family tree remains the famous EWGF for devil , hei , kaz and even then there are differences that changes everything .

hell kazuya is the only one with a mist step EWGF , and his is faster . While hei's one got such a small frames windows that it gets way harder to use efficiently . The 3 mishimas have all EWGF different properties each with a significant difference in priority and crush priority .

Regular or devil jin , your argument is no good imo. It's not as if they had the same techniques overall and played the same way .

And it's pretty much the same with anna/nina , and even worse with King/amor .

In short i call BS again , there is a simple way to shut down those eternal "it's only a variant , it's the same" crap , try playing them the same damn way and show the world how successful you'll be with it , cause you aint .

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LeonSKennedy4Life3275d ago

All I cared about was, I'm satisfied. Flea move-set FTW!!!

Dissidia3275d ago

some of these comments, everyone saying the graphics haven't improved much since Tekken 5:DR is lying to themselves.
Anyway, can't wait to find out the release date.

forgot my password3275d ago

when you have a game that came out 3 years ago aka vf5/doa4 that looks better than a game that's just releasing right now....

Baka-akaB3275d ago

well except it doesnt looks really better but keep lying to yourselves .

LeonSKennedy4Life3275d ago

...but Tekken doesn't need the graphics to be a fantastic fighting game.

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