WOW Addicts To Get In-Game Therapy

NowGamer: We've all joked for years about just how addictive World of Warcraft can be, but some UK addiction experts are taking it seriously...

So seriously in fact, that they've decided to jump into the 11 million strong MMO with WOW characters to provide 'online counselling' for younger gamers. According to a report by the Telegraph, Dr. Richard Graham, a psychiatrist at London's Tavistock Center is so concerned that he plans to provide in-game therapy to young players he fears are addicted to the game. Graham claims to have clients who have played the game between 14 and 16 hours a day, seriously neglecting their studies and social lives.

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OtherWhiteMeat3279d ago

In-game therapy for gaming addicts is like putting a warning about the dangers of drinking at the bottom of a beer can.

kingme713279d ago

Yup, too true.

Nice avatar btw... a classic.

Z4ST3R3279d ago

In 2 months time, Dr. Richard Graham will be sitting in the dark with his cloak on, in front of his PC doing some quest, trying to get some magical boots.

kingme713279d ago

Lol. That's true.

"Doctor, what about today's session. Aren't we going to talk about how my mother kept me from playing games as a child?"

"Shut up kid! If you don't heal me soon we will die right here and I'll never complete my armor set.... Geeze, is it 3am already?"