Halo : Reach Revelations - New Engine, Legends Explores Reach

SKOAR! "Microsoft went one step further at this year's Comic Con in announcing a manga series for their flagship Halo franchise. These short series of epic anime's are going to be written and produced by some of the most famous names in the industry. We had speculated last week that one of the anime's would have a connection with the Halo:Reach which is due next year. Well here are more hints that point towards solving this theory."

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Nice3218d ago

and begins for Chief

822119863218d ago

they might still help out Microsoft with future projects, plus most individuals who ve worked on Halo have moved onto very little changes...

3217d ago
SaberEdge3217d ago

Halo Reach is going to be epic. I can't wait to see what they do with the new engine and the new setting.

Jsynn73217d ago

That's what they said about Halo 3. Bungie will never be done with Halo. As long as M$ keeps shelling out the money, Bungie will always come up with new ideas for the franchise.

NewZealander3217d ago

i cant wait!

im reading fall of reach now, then im going to play halo 1 2 and 3 all over again, gotta get prepared for reach and odst:)

and the book is awesome, the games make a lot more sense now.

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100003218d ago

Reach is Bungie's last Halo themed game...and Its the first time Master Chief takes part in the war against the Covenant fleet...

281219863218d ago

I think the are going to make it team based and lone action oriented as well

281219863218d ago

Marathon for their next project...that could go as expensive as Halo...On topic Reach beta in Sep, that's the only way MS can justify the exorbitant price tag...

822119863218d ago

they own the franchise and it'll give Halo stiff competition...

Nice3218d ago

then it justify's their enormous budget and its most likely going to go to a pro Msft publisher... so that they can keep both sides of the equation well balanced...

Hoolock3217d ago

I doubt the reach Beta is in september as it is classed as an invite to the beta and on many occasions during the Bungie podcasts the team have stated that it will take place in 2010. BTW if you are looking to take part in the Beta keep the disc of ODST as it is only joinable through the games menu.

822119863218d ago

biggest title for Microsoft this generation since they are going to look to create a new direction in the franchise, with all the hype they are creating behind the franchise soon It may very well may end up as a powerful brand as Pokemon whose exploits never seem to end despite the number of games released on Nintendo's platform. I would not exactly call it star wars since it encompasses almost 3 generations of individuals and propogates it further on but this is a definitive experience that encompasses or at least looks to engulf all other alternative forms of enetertainment...Looks like Msft got their Mario after all...

Nice3218d ago

put it up to the mark but yeah this is perhaps Msft biggest title this generation they are going to be involved with apart from the Natal project of course...

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