EDGE review scores

The latest EDGE review scores are now available (September 2009).

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knox3277d ago

what i surprise i dont agree with most of the scores like always

ryuzu3277d ago

Edge perhaps stick to reviewing games in the context of their platform.

So Rolando 2 is a good iphone game, and gets a score which represents that. However, that score cannot be compared to a game on a different platform - for example Wii,Xbox,PS3 because they're not iphones!

Taken this way, a score of say 6 for a Wii/Xbox/PS3 game does not mean it's worse than Rolando 2, it just means that the Wii/Xbox/PS3 is capable of and should deliver more.

Ultimately that means that scores in Edge mean nothing as multi-plat scores, and should be taken as specific and non-comparable across platforms.


njr3277d ago

Edge must live only to ruin metacritic scores

GWAVE3277d ago

A person who takes Edge scores seriously is not a real gamer. Period.

lordgodalming3277d ago

Brutal scores. An iPhone game gets the best score of the month? Yeesh. At least they liked the new MegaTen game.

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jack_burt0n3277d ago

Oh its good to see that Rolando 2 is the best gaming experience this year.

*Spits on edge Magazine*

knox3277d ago

rofl that was what i was thinking but they didnt mess up the transformers review at least!

knox3277d ago

here lets which ones i dont agree with:

Wii Sports Resort <- to low
Battlefield Heroes <- to low
Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid <- to high
The Punisher: No Mercy <- to low
A Witch’s Tale <- to low
Droplitz <- to low
Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal <- to low

JohnR3277d ago

and you've played those games? these comment threads are only good for fanboys and people who think they know a lot about games. review scores are opinions based on the game and its surrounding infrasturcture (price, platform, full-game or dlc etc). i see nothing wrong with these scores. too many people think that it's an injustice if their fav series doesn't score at least a nine. get over yourselves. edge is one of the few publications that doesn't pander to fanboys and publishers, always wanting games to either score a 10/10 or a 1/10.

knox3277d ago

i have played most of those games (im not saying i played them all) but all it takes is judgement......your telling me rolando 2 should get a 9 over everything else reviewed?

JohnR3277d ago

i don't see why it shouldn't. is it because it's an ipohone game that it doesn't a high score? i don't even know why you're comparing those other to rolando anyway, it's notlike there scores mean anything in relation to each other; there not even on the same platform so why a problem with rolando scoring high? gaming isn't restricted to just sony, microsoft and nintendo.

PS360WII3277d ago

Geez. Well at least they were fair with Devil Summoner

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The story is too old to be commented.