On Slim PS3s, HD Wiis, and the Great Exodus From 2009

Game publishers are fleeing 2009. Are they bracing for a miserly Christmas?

At E3, Nintendo threw up a lot of smoke and mirrors apparently intended to distract people from the fact that its holiday lineup is:

•Wii Fit Plus
•New Super Mario Bros. Wii

At the time, this was a surprisingly tiny list. Now it seems like Nintendo was just setting the tone. In the weeks after E3, publisher upon publisher has announced that its bigger titles will be moved out of the 2009 holiday season and into 2010. Splinter Cell. Bayonetta. BioShock 2. Heavy Rain. And there's still a month or so left for publishers to push even more games back.

Until the next delay announcement, here are the other major titles of Canceled Christmas '09:

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