Fat Princess Home Space - First Screenshots

PSNow! has published the first screenshots of the Fat Princess Home Space that will be available soon on PlayStation Home. An announcement is expected to be made soon on the Official PlayStation Blog.

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Deviant3343d ago

They've simply reused an old space :(

FamilyGuy3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

And what old space would that be?

The only space I know of that is no longer used is the E3 press area, and this is not that.


Chubear3343d ago

What do you mean by re-used and old space?

PlayStation3603343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

the "Events Landing" and "The Gallery" Space. It was only available in the UK. Similar to Presentation Podium, it was reserved for special occasions.

Redempteur3343d ago

sorry and the problem is ?

That they have a SET space they can decorate at will to hosts events ?

Bring it on fat princess goodies !!!

Chubear3343d ago what? Is there some monopoly on game spaces or something? The space was used as an events space and now it's re-themed to be used as a Fat Princess gaming space... what's the problem exactly?

BRG90003343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I suppose it just shows that they did what was easy instead of actually realizing the potential to design a cool space inspired by the game. Why should the spaces for each game just be a "decorated" room? Wouldn't it be way cooler (and far more worth visiting) if it was actually designed to be like one of the castles in the game which you could then explore in Home, instead of being a flat round area with statues?

I_am_rushin3343d ago

Game launching confirmed?

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callahan093343d ago

Cool that there will be a space devoted to Fat Princess, because it seems like just the sort of game where going to a Home space and meeting up with people to play with at that moment would be quite nice.

rockleex3342d ago

Insert disk. ^_^

Games like Tekken 5 DR, Warhawk PSN, Burnout PSN, Wipeout HD, GT5 Prologue PSN, etc should all have game launching. Especially since they require no discs.

keysy4203343d ago

thsi game shoudl utilize most of sony coponent like home launching cross game invites chat etc even that screen shot feature and custom sound tracks i want it all

PlayStation3603343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

I think it's more of an event. It appears to be the Event space from the UK Home with FP decorations. Probably a Fat Princess Event like that one PSP event.

CryingDemon3343d ago

This game looks fun,but the name doesnt fit,how about

1.Obese wh**
2.Overweight selfish eating slu*
3.Fat non stop eating bitc*

ShadowMantis3343d ago

Oh please CD, u think anything is cool,retard

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