Final Fantasy Dissidia Demo Impressions by Modern-Gamer

Modern-Gamer writes: Mixing game genres is a constant in video games. We always want to see our favorite characters in a new setting but to bring an entire series to a setting is something else. That's the idea in Final Fantasy Dissidia, the upcoming fighter from Square Enix that features the entire Final Fantasy universe. So with the game still only a month away from a US release, Square Enix has released a somewhat early demo via PSN. This leads us to two very big questions; is this demo enough to give an idea of the final game? Is it worth downloading the demo or are you better off waiting for the full game?

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40cal3346d ago

I love this game already. The controls took a second to get a grip on, but once I did the battles started to feel more and more epic. It is amazing that they where able to pull off a fighting game that keeps the feeling of a FF boss fight.

I'm impressed, day one.

Myst3344d ago

Have mine on pre-order right now, hope my teacher won't mind if I start to play it in the middle of class :). Not a good way to make a first impression upon them (the teachers) but oh well!

Crystallis3344d ago

I played the demo and was blown away. Definitely a day 1 purchase for me.