The King of Fighters XII Review -

TripleChat: The time has finally come; after months of coverage leading up to this event – The King of Fighters XII is in our hands and we have the full review for you. Ignition Entertainment and the developers behind KOF XII have heavily marketed this game as a 're-birth' to the franchise. It's celebrating its 15th anniversary with this release, and the idea was to get back to the basics of KOF. Does it? Well you can find out in TripleChat's review. Remember, we review games based on economics - how much value do you get for the price? Is it worth full price, if not, what price is it worth it at?

TripleChat has been waiting to play this game for quite some time, and now that we have - what do we think of it? Does it hold up to the competition? Find out after the jump and see what we have to say the buy it price for this game is.

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The_Darkest_Red3341d ago

I'm sorry but this "review" loses all credibility right here:

"I would really be interested in an actual 3 on 3 fight, where there are 6 players on screen at once. I don’t know how that would work, but it should make for some excellent online fighting."

This guy thinks 3 on 3 in a 2d fighting game like KOF would be good? First of all, that would make it a COMPLETELY different game, second of all, it would be almost impossible to make it involve skill. Sometimes I just wonder what people are thinking.