RPG Land: Nostalgia Import Review

Janelle writes, " Wind of Nostalgia is not Skies of Arcadia. Let's get that out of the way first. It is similar to Skies of Arcadia in the sense that both games deal with the same themes, like airships and exploration, and they're RPGs, so if that's enough of an association, wonderful. True, both games include airship combat and making discoveries (in different ways). But remember that it's not Skies of Arcadia, nor is it intended to be, so too many comparisons or judging one based on the other would be unfair. What Nostalgia is intended to be is a traditional RPG, which it enormously succeeds at. In fact, it could become one of the definitive examples of a good, generic RPG on the DS, in that it is good in almost every way, bad in almost no ways, while great in a select few ways."

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PS360WII3339d ago

Sounds like a winner. Glad you can keep playing the game after you finish the main story.