Paris Hilton Targeted by Hindu Anti-Games Campaigner

NG writes;

"In a statement released today, "acclaimed Indo-American statesman" Rajan Zed has spoken out against the "reckless flooding" of games coming into India which, he believes, lead the youth away from the traditional value system. Specifically targeting Paris Hilton's Diamond Quest (official site here), a bejewelled clone and the first official Paris Hilton mobile game."

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wardrox3304d ago

I think, given the choice, I would campaign against Paris Hilton.

Jhun3304d ago

The guy just wants an excuse to flame at Paris Hilton, which, in my opinion, she deserves.

Noobs like Paris and Miley cyrus don't deserve their own game anyways.

2FootYard3304d ago

They better leave my mom alone or else!

LiL T3304d ago

This is ridiculous, are they expected to never play games ever or just boring games. Paris should be targeted by a sniper rifle.

edhe3304d ago

Usual reaction to new things - got to forbid it all because there are old things.


If they want to preserve their value system then simply teach the children the value system.

Z4ST3R3304d ago

'Lead the impressionable youth away from traditional value system.'
lol Yea......sure...

timmyrulz3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )


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