IncGamers: Borderlands Preview

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani gets hands-on with Gearbox Software's role-playing-shooter and finds out about the class system, the art style and the "millions" of weapons available in the game.

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Leord3310d ago

Ooh, nice pic :)

Borderlands sound very cool though. I think there is a lot of potential in the RP-shooter genre. Hellgate London didn;t fail because of bad genre, it failed because of bugs and repetitiveness.

Fyzzu3310d ago

See, I'm still not convinced that "millions" of weapons are going to feel different. I have no doubt that a lot of them will, but I would imagine after four or five hours you'll be seeing a lot of similar weapons with tiny differences. I eagerly await being proven wrong by the full version.

AndyA3310d ago

I love the idea of finding a completely unique weapon that none of your friends have found but, I agree, there probably won't be much of a difference in feel between a lot of the weapons.

DanSolo3310d ago

Yeah but I don't think the point is to have a million completely different weapons.

The point is that although most of the time you will probably have and be finding a few different types of weapons (Rifles, pistols, shotguns ect) that will have a few different variations to them, but every so often you will come across something really unique.

Just think of COD or Fallout 3, you have a few different versions of each weapon type, it doesn't detract from the game. Think of Borderlands having a similar number of weapons to them games but having endless variations.