New Devil May Cry 4 Screenshots - Frost Feature

Capcom has released 10 new screenshots for Devil May Cry 4 which feature scenes of Frost locations.

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Gears3921d ago

Game looks like crap, Lost Planet looks alot better in my opinion.

Cartesian3D3921d ago

r u kiddin' me? ... u r just an idiot.

Funky Town_TX3921d ago

What happened to the hype. When this was a PS3 exclusive it was the best thing since sliced bread. Now that it is Multiplat it is junk. Kinda sounds like VF5. At first it was the sh8t, now it is okay.

techie3921d ago

dude it is the sh*t. DMC4 coverage has just been slightly saturated though. Everyone was watching the vids over the past few days. And everybody loves VF5. SO your perception is misconstrued

Frulond3921d ago

looking better everyday hope the story is up to the graphics quality... then... will be an amazing game

The_Firestarter3921d ago

Frost Demons!!!! I love those guys!

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