Ratchet & Clank: ACIT to have "a lot more replay value"

Bryan Intihar has briefly mentioned that the PS3 exclusive Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time will have more replay value than the first game.

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Dragun6193340d ago

I would love to see multiplayer mode again, loved it on R&C 3 on PS2.

ShinMaster3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Stop messing with my head! >.<

I want multi as well :P

TomAB3340d ago

I would like co-op and I'm pretty sure it'll be in there since there adding that other lombax, but i don't think there is any need for competative modes

The Wood3340d ago

no multi BUT yes to co op;)

OnlyOnN4G3340d ago

First R&C to include trophy support gives instant replay value to trophy whores and the like

Mo0eY3340d ago

Yes multi - throw in some Ratchet and Clank kart racing. :D

SaberEdge3340d ago

This game is looking really good. Future was brilliant and with this one having trophy support and more replay value it is going to be great game for this holiday period.

leeger3340d ago

multi? multiplat? lol

Boody-Bandit3340d ago

don't add too much to this game because it might be mistaken for having too much variety. /s

xabmol3340d ago

Ratchet won't have no kart racing. That's Naughty Dogs territory.

Can't wait for Uncharted Team Racing, or perhaps Drake X. xP



yes multi

rockleex3340d ago

For Ratchet and Clank on the PS2.

I hope it makes a return. ^_^

Bnet3433340d ago

Sweet. I have ToD, it was pretty short with no trophies. Challenge Mode was okay for replay value.

Tachyon_Nova3339d ago

Yay for trophies. I really didn't care about trophies until last month, when i finalyl picked up Bishock. I loved it so much, that i played it through with the sole purpose of gettign the Platinum trophy. So with Bioshock, and as of last Saturday, my first Platinum trophy, I am officially a trophy whore.

On a more serious note, Insomniac is a business, and business' need to make money. If they know what is godo for them, they will add trophy support to ToD and QfB. This will get people like me back into the R&C mood, and whet our appetites for more.

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DragonWarrior_43340d ago

Future Tools had alot of replay value. More then the average game. Why is everyone so hard on ps3 exclusives?

snaz273340d ago

sony dominated for so long people want to see them fail, its like if a sportsman wins in his sport every year for several year you begin to want him to lose just to see someone new win... the thing is they just come off as being pathetic, and nit picking for no reason, they should just take the games on their own merits, not what platform its on.

beavis4play3340d ago

it's a fun game with great looking enviroments and plenty of humor.

lordgodalming3340d ago

I've played through TOD 5 times now and I STILL haven't upgraded/unlocked everything.

Bnet3433340d ago

I played through it like 3 times, I wouldn't say alot. Trophy patch could of helped.

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Babypuncher3340d ago

holy crap! i bought ToD day 1 and i still play it regularly. It looks as though ACiT will eat up all of my free time this winter.

LarVanian3340d ago

Longer storyline?
Can't wait? No I can't.

cranium3340d ago

Mega challenge mode?
That and splitscreen is all I need for a 100+ hour game


Must have split screen......and online multiplayer

Tachyon_Nova3339d ago


I would really love this to be a 100+ hour game, so long as it remains fun, and doesn't force you to play for 100 hours. I bought Far Cry 2, think yay a game i'll be able to play offline for ages. As I got to hour #20, i pissed off out of there, and now for the first time in my gaming career, wish I had spent those hours, and the money purchasing the game differently.

spunnups3340d ago

Customizable Weapons for the first time in the series. Nuff said.

Djinn3340d ago

You obviously didn't play Deadlocked. Shame on you.

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